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Since 1982
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40 Years of Pioneering MRI Shielding Solutions

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Pioneering MRI Suite Solutions Since 1982

Since MRI hit the market, PDC has pioneered solutions to meet the MRI and imaging market’s needs – beginning with shielding many of the first MRI suites to speed this exciting new technology to patients.  But we didn’t stop there.

We are innovators, passionately focused on advancing comfort and quality for patients and caregivers alike with simplified solutions from the relocatable Cassette® to Caring Suite™ patient experience suites to new In-Bore Viewing Solutions and UV-C disinfection technology – designed just for imaging.  

Journey through 40 years of PDC innovation, and discover how our entrepreneurial spirit and creative approach to patient well-being can help you care for patients better and successfully address your business challenges.



Jim Maslowski and father Bill Maslowski, Sr., founded a 2-man construction business. This business would later become Torke-Maslowski General Contracting – a pre-cursor to PDC.


MRI Hits the Market / PDC Begins

1982: Bill Maslowski, Jr., joins Bill Sr., and Jim to form PDC Facilities, Inc., to design and develop the specialized MRI RF Shielded Suites needed for the emerging MRI market.

PDC designs and builds one of the first commercial MRI facilities for Technicare in Solon, OH.

PDC is off to the races, shielding many of the first healthcare MRI suites. As you can see, even in the early days, there was an emphasis on patient experience.

A need for speed spurs the creation of the high-quality Cassette® Relocatable Imaging Suites to speed MRI to market in as little as 4 months. Nearly 40 years later, our Cassette and Mini Clinics are still one of our most-loved imaging solutions.

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See how 4 Cassette® buildings come together to form a Mini Clinic – and specifically, Lucille Packard Children’s Hospital at Stanford’s Outpatient MRI Center.

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1990s - 2000s

The MRI Shielding Era

Goodbye “slammers,” fingers and leaks. Semi-Automatic and Automatic MRI RF Shielded Doors are developed to be trouble-free, leak-free and patient and tech-friendly.

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No longer must critical care lines be disconnected, nor additional MRI-safe equipment required with the creation of the MRI RF Door Frame IV Waveguide.

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Superior attenuation, long-term performance, design flexibility and rapid installation. Learn why we believe our team and NiCuFlex MRI Shielding is the best in the business.

Why choose PDC?

Early 2000s

The Patient Experience Era

The pre-curser to the Caring MR Suite®, PDC creates the Experience Cassette®, allowing patients to choose a favorite Theme and lighting to improve their MRI experience.

Say goodbye to burnt out incandescent lights and lighting-induced artifacts in your MRI suite. In 2011, PDC is one of the first to introduce MRI LED lighting – plus, we made it quick and easy.

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At RSNA 2011, the Caring MR Suite® launches featuring the first-installed HD Ceiling Video Display for MRI, the first iPad-controlled MRI patient experience and truly personalized MRI experiences with patient-personal, original Nature Theme videos, movies, music and LED lighting.

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See the first Caring MR Suite® in action here. Built at PDC and debuted at RSNA 2011, this first Caring MR Suite finds a home at GE Healthcare’s Customer Information Center in Pewaukee, WI – with a few upgrades over the years!

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The very first Caring MR Suite® – and the hardworking PDC team who made it all possible! We are also proud to share that most of these hardworking team members are still hard at work building and innovating the Caring Suites!

October 2012: The first-installed Caring MR Suite® finds a home at then Carolinas Medical Center – Mercy, and features not only an HD Ceiling Video Display, but an HD Wall Video Display as well.

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Could you imagine an MRI experience rated as “Excellent?” First patient Caring MR Suite survey data is in – and it’s better than we could have hoped for.

Could you have imagined an MRI experience being compared to a spa? The first reviews are in as well, and again more encouraging than we could have hoped for.


Did you know that patient motion can cost up to $115,000 per MRI scanner, per year? The Caring MR Suite® was designed to – and has been shown to – help alleviate the anxiety, fear and discomfort that can cause patient movement and repeat scans.

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October 2012: The first Caring MR Suite® Cassette® is installed at Meadville Medical Center. And the response?

“We witnessed a severely claustrophobic patient receive her MRI and then walk directly down to customer service and state that this was the best thing that Meadville Medical Center hospital has ever purchased.

– Terry Beck – Meadville Medical Center, Radiology Manager

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Who says MRI gets to have all of the fun? 2014: First Caring CT Suites launch at Hendrick Medical Center.

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2013: PDC begins to specialize in the custom LED Illuminated Image Ceiling®. Shown here: Choctaw Nation’s Caring CT Suite.

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2014: But what about video in the bore? The Caring MR Suite® MRI In-Bore Viewing Video Display is introduced to bring goggle-free in-bore viewing to patients.

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2014: The first Radiation Therapy Caring Suite™ is installed at UW Health Beloit Cancer Center. With a tap of a finger, patients could now choose their favorite Nature Theme video, lighting and music for each treatment session.

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2014: Better, personalized cancer treatment experiences come to oncology with the first oncology Caring Suites. Hear from Hendrick’s fantastic radiology and oncology teams.

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2014: First military Caring MR Suite® comes to Womack Army Medical Center – inspiring a collection of Patriotic Caring Suite™ Themes developed specifically for our service men, service women and veterans.

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Did you know that our Caring Suite™ Themes are specifically designed in-house to help soothe and relax patients?

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2015: The first Caring Suites + GE Adventure Series are installed at UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospitals at Mission Bay and in Oakland.

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2017: Intoducing the stunning Nature 270: Your choice custom image, illuminated, and cascading ceiling to floor.

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2018 brings 4K Ceiling Video Displays embedded within custom Illuminated Image Ceilings. Shown here is Fort Healthcare’s Caring CT Suite.

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2018: Goodbye dungeon-style doors and cumbersome curtains, and hello to your best new MRI door – now with all glass and Privacy Glass options. Privacy Glass is also available for MRI windows.

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2019 brings a Wireless In-Bore Viewing Portable Video Display for quick, easy install and a new Caring Suite™ App featuring: custom patient Scrolling Text messages, Countdown Timers and Gradient Lighting – just to start.

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2019: More encouraging, quantitative survey data report a decrease in outpatient anesthesia by nearly 60%, escape rate by 85% – and a payback period of less than 2 years.

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2019 also introduces Perfect Sky for all non-MRI spaces. Choose your Perfect Sky image and optional audio and video add-ons to deliver your best patient experience in any non-MRI space.

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2020 brings gratitude, especially for our healthcare, frontline heroes, our customers, partners and colleagues.

Dear Healthcare Heroes

2020 also brings new and virtual ways to work and connect, including virtual Caring Suite™ Training.

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With our unique UV-C LED Bore Disinfection System, quickly, easily and confidently disinfect MRI and *any imaging bore and table with a 99.9% kill rate in less than 5 minutes.

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2020 also brings better radiation therapy with the Caring Suite™ for MRIdian®. Now, patients can view their images and or Nature Theme videos during their treatment to help alleviate anxiety, speed treatment time and improve the treatment experience.

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2021 brings an exciting new partnership with Amico Lights to bring proven, single-source medical and MRI LED Lighting to architects and healthcare designers.

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2021: For our feel-good story of the year, Trans-United driver Mike Saxton, is heralded as a hero for safely delivering Bar Harbor, ME’s new Cassette® to MDI Hospital.

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2021: The first UV-C LED Bore Disinfection Systems ship, helping protect patients and healthcare staff with verifiably disinfected imaging experiences.


2021: Our UV-C LED Bore Disinfection System becomes ETL Listed, Patent Pending and an Aunt Minnie’s Semi-Finalist for “Best New Radiology Device.”

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RSNA 21 also marks 10 years since the launch of the Caring MR Suite, the industry’s first MRI Ceiling Video Display and truly personalized patient experiences.

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And just like that, the first UV-C reviews are in, and they are better than we could have hoped for.


2022 also brings 40 years of specializing in MRI Shielding and imaging suites and new solutions, developments and offerings to best serve you!

We are so grateful for our customers, partners and colleagues – we couldn’t have done it without you!

Cheers to brighter days, and stay tuned for new innovations!

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