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October 25, 2023

MRI In-Bore Video: Why Choose PDC?


Nearly every year there seems to be a new MRI in-bore video solution debuting at RSNA – touting the ability to transform and revolutionize the MRI experience. With all of the clutter, how do you choose the right solution for you? We’re hoping to make your decision easier and quicker by highlighting why to choose PDC MRI In-Bore Video for your next MRI project.

1. 10+ Years Refining MRI In-Bore Video

At RSNA 2014, we launched the first MRI In-Bore Viewing Video Display as the newest addition to the patient experience Caring MR Suite®. Since, we’ve continued to refine our offerings based on customer feedback. The result? Three refined, simple and proven solutions for you to choose from.

Caring MR Suite® with MRI In-Bore Viewing Video Display, MRI LED RGB Lighting + 4K Video Display for personalized patient experience

Caring MR Suite® with In-Bore Video Portable Video Display at GE Healthcare’s Customer Information Center


2. 40+ Years of MRI Shielding Expertise = Guarantee of Zero Artifact

Say goodbye to concerns over product performance and artifacts. PDC got its start shielding many of the first commercial MRI suites. Today, 40+ years of shielding expertise guides all in-house MRI product development to deliver products designed specifically for MRI.


About PDC Facilities

PDC’s early days specializing in MRI Shielding and Cassette® Relocatable Imaging Buildings


3.  Not 1 – but 3 MRI In-Bore Viewing Solutions

Fifteen years of specializing in MRI patient experience environments has underscored that there is no one-size-fits-all solution. This is why we offer 3 MRI In-bore Video Solutions to best meet your needs. From a quick, easy install, wireless solution to our mirror-free, contact-free In-Bore Video Projection System, we’re confident you’ll find a system to meet your unique needs. Explore all 3 solutions here.

MRI Goggles vs MRI In-Bore Viewing Display and In-Bore Projection System

Wired, Wireless and Projection Solutions to best meet your needs


4. Easy, Goggle-Free In-Bore Viewing

No more struggling with extra setup, extra disinfection, extra wires and claustrophobia concerns. Our In-Bore Systems use your choice of mirror solution – or in the case of our Projection System – nothing at all. Find more benefits to going goggle-free here.

MRI In-Bore Viewing Portable Video Display for your best patient experience

MRI In-Bore Viewing Portable Video Display

5. Boost Experience + Efficiency with Integrated Lighting, Music + Privacy Options

Say goodbye to multiple different products and controls hindering workflow and user experience. From task and ambient LED Lighting to Image Ceilings to Privacy Glass – and much more – all elements of the Caring MR Suite are effortlessly controlled with the Caring Suite™ App. Plus, Caring Suites are available for all modalities and healthcare spaces to further enhance your patient experience and streamline workflow throughout your department.  Explore Caring Suite options here.

Caring MR Suite® with 4K Ceiling Video, In-Bore Viewing Video Display, Privacy Glass and UV-C Disinfection


6.  Never Be Without The Best Patient Content

Don’t let streaming issues and time spent searching for content hamper patient experience and workflow. With our original 4K & HD Nature Theme videos, you are never without soothing content for patients of all ages. Themes are created in-house specifically to soothe and entertain patients. Explore Themes here. Interested in offering movies and or streaming content too? Simply use the integrated DVD player or plug in a compatible streaming device.

Caring MR Suite® Nature Themes for your best MRI experience

A sample of our original Caring Suite Themes


7.  Enhanced Patient Communication

Especially helpful for patients who are hard of hearing, speak other languages or are particularly anxious – our patient Scrolling Text improves both patient and tech experience and workflow. Scrolling text appears upon the video display or projection, comes with popular default messages like, “Please Hold Still” – but allows you to easily save your own messages and write custom messages on the fly so each patient feels especially cared for.

Caring MR Suite® MRI In-Bore Viewing Video Display

MRI In-Bore Viewing Video Display with custom Scrolling Text


8. Enhanced Patient Monitoring

Always have the best view of the patient with our integrated and Pan-Tilt-Zoom (PTZ) Cameras. Our Wired In-Bore Viewing Video Display comes with an optional integrated camera, whereas our Pan-Tilt-Zoom Cameras provide the optimal view from any location in the MRI suite. Learn more about our Wired In-Bore Viewing Video Display here, and our Pan-Tilt-Zoom Cameras here.

PDC MRI Pan-Tilt-Zoom (PTZ) Camera and In-Bore Viewing Video Display with integrated camera

In-Bore Viewing Video Display with integrated camera, MRI Pan-Tilt-Zoom (PTZ) Camera + Desk Display with Patient View


9. No More Guesswork – See What the Patient Sees

Say goodbye to worries over what the patient is actually seeing and whether your system is working properly. Our Picture-in-Picture feature allows you to monitor the patient, and what the patient is seeing at all times.

Advocate Christ Caring MR Suite® with MRI In-Bore Viewing Video Display, Camera, Scrolling Text and Image Ceiling®

Caring MR Suite® with MRI In-Bore Viewing Video Display, Camera, Scrolling Text and Image Ceiling®


10. Seamless Project Development with Integrated MRI Shielding

Don’t let integrating your patient experience solutions with a separate MRI Shielding company cause headaches and delays with unexpected issues. With PDC MRI Shielding, you get 40+ years of shielding experience, seamless, efficient project development and single-source accountability for compliance with RF and EMI requirements. Find 12 reasons to choose our MRI Shielding here – and learn why to involve your Shielding company early on in project development here.

PDC MRI Shielding testimonial


11. Special Touches

A Birthday Theme for a patient’s birthday; a Patriotic Theme to honor our veterans and servicemen and women; a Celebration Theme for a final treatment day or scan; custom Scrolling Text messages for patients who need a little extra encouragement – these are the special touches that underscore the Caring part of the Caring MR Suite and make for an exceptional patient experience.

Wired In-Bore Viewing Video Display with Camera, Birthday Theme and custom Scrolling Text


12. Built to Last

You already have your hands full – the last thing you need to worry about is your video display tumbling over. Our sturdy video displays, carts and wall-mounts are designed to withstand all MRI environmental challenges – including the occasional bumps.

MRI In-Bore Viewing Solutions - Wireless Portable Video Display, Projector and Wall-Mount Video Display

Wireless Portable Video Display, In-Bore Viewing Projector + Wall-Mounted Video Display


13. A Sophisticated App – Designed for Efficiency

Nearly 15 years of development and refinement have led to today’s Caring Suite App – filled with all of the bells and whistles to create an extraordinary patient experience – and yet customized for one-touch control. Learn more about the Caring Suite™ App here.

Caring MR Suite App

The Caring Suite™ App Technologist Portal


14. Proven Solutions

5,000+ shielding projects, 400+ Caring Suite™ projects and 300+ Cassette® projects leave quite the paper trail.  Hear from our customers here, and find supportive studies, surveys and research here.

Bonus: Need a New MRI, But Don’t Have Space?

Consider our Cassette® Diagnostic Imaging Suite buildings for MRI and any imaging modality – and delivered with speed, flexibility and beauty.

PDC Cassette® Relocatable Diagnostic Suite for MRI + any imaging modality


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