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The Caring Suite™ App

Lighting, video, music, cameras, Privacy - all of your suite controls - effortlessly at your fingertips

10 years of refinements to help you quickly, easily deliver your best patient care and experience

We know you are busy. Our goal with the Caring Suite™ App is to make delivering your patient’s best imaging experience, quicker, easier and better.

With the Caring Suite App, all of your suite features are a tap or 2 away – with the option to customize favorite features including:

  • Task and patient experience lighting
  • One-Touch Controls
  • Patient Scrolling Text and Countdown Timers

Learn more below.

Caring Suite™ App Tech Portal for full suite controls
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Caring Suite™ App Features for Improved Patient Care, Experience + Workflow:
  • One-Touch Controls: Save your most-used options for quick, one-touch activation
  • Custom colors: Save your favorite lighting colors
  • Custom Patient Scrolling Text: Save your most-used patient messages to scroll across the patient display. Especially helpful for patients who are hard-of-hearing or speak other languages. Keyboard supports English, German, French and Italian
  • Gradient Lighting Presets: Link your favorite colors together to auto cycle through in your designated time
  • Link Countdown Timers to Scrolling Text Messages to easily keep patients informed and encouraged
  • Video, music, lighting, door and Privacy control with a tap of a finger
  • One-Touch procedural, emergency and ambient lighting
  • Customizable Patient Portal to assist with patient choice
  • Customized treatment and simulation views to assist with breath holds for ViewRay’s MRIdian®
  • Customized for your suite features
  • And much more
Control Tablet Options:
  • The Caring Suite™ App is provided on the system tablet(s)
  • 1 Control Desk Tablet is included
  • Optional Wall-Mount Tablet allows for quick controls and use of Patient Portal at the door of the suite or alternate location
  • Optional Floating Tablet allows for use in any location within range of the system WiFi router and allows for easier patient choice
Product  Options:
What users are saying

“[The Caring MR Suite® App] is very easy to use, and it doesn’t take a long time. It’s very user friendly.”


MRI Tech, Berkeley Medical Center
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