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People are telling us that it didn’t last as long as last time, right? Well, it really did, but they were just more comfortable. One of the things we wanted to do was reduce the amount of anesthesia we were using to gain more appointment time on the magnet, and we’ve been able to do that successfully at this point.”  

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- Brenda Downen

Director Imaging Services, Carle BroMenn

“It was the best experience I’ve ever had in an MRI. There was no anxiety, there was no claustrophobia. I am no longer afraid.”

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- Scott

Caring MR Suite® patient

Patient care has improved greatly with reduction in the need to use anesthesia, especially on the pediatric population of patients. We’ve avoided general anesthesia, intubations, IVs all together.” 

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- Shailesh Prasad

Lead MRI Tech, PeaceHealth Sacred Heart at RiverBend

I’m very claustrophobic, [but] the hot air balloons kept my mind off of being in there, and if I didn’t have them, I don’t think I could have done it …When I went home, I told my husband, “Guess what, I did the MRI!” …. I think if anyone is claustrophobic, it’s going to help them, 100%.

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- Cheryle

Berkeley Medical Center Patient

“*Top quality products serving the MR community. Your revolutionary hybrid and confirming shielding solution … installs in half the time of traditional with better RF tolerances… Love your stuff and recommend it to every customer with excellent results.”

- Jeff Grieb

Region Modality Leader, MR – GE Healthcare *Theses comments are Jeff’s opinion alone, and not an official endorsement from GE Healthcare

“We are so happy with our newest Caring MR Suite. This is the second time I have had the pleasure of working with PDC. Our patients benefit so much from the calming lighting, music, and in-bore viewing system. We could not be more pleased with the end result. Thank you PDC!”

- Summer Cord

Imaging Services Director/PACS Admin, CNOS

“I know patients are nervous to enter a hospital setting with the Covid pandemic going on. This extra level of disinfection helps ease their mind that we are working to protect them.”

- Alyssa Byrd

Radiology Manager, Nor-Lea Hospital District

“At a point when [patients] get diagnosed with cancer, they sort of lose a sense of control, and one of the great things about [our Caring Suite®], is that we have the ability to give them a choice.  When they come in, selecting their theme and music to listen to, in a way that is giving them a sense of control back. Not only that, it is very relaxing, puts them at ease, especially their very first time.”   

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- Shawn Zullo

Lead Therapist, Hendrick Health System

“I think PDC is one of the best things to happen in MRI. It’s so easy to focus on the amazing technology that the MRI scanner provides and lose sight of where the value of our work should be placed, and that is the patient. PDC team: Thank you for reminding us all of who pays our bills and feeds our family by placing them at the center of your work!”

- Michael Cecil

Director of Advanced Imaging

“Why are we here? Why are we doing this? We’re doing this for the patient… The whole room changes right in front of them, and their eyes light up and they smile…The suite provides an atmosphere of comfort… it decreases repeats on exams, it decreases scan time…To me it’s the best thing that’s happened in imaging and it’s the way that we’re starting to shape the experience throughout the entire imaging department.”  

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- Adam Mellott

Director of Imaging - PeaceHealth Sacred Heart at RiverBend