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PDC has been great to work with, listening to ideas for improvement, and acting quickly to make them reality. Patients love the room, and even the technologists have commented on how much more relaxed they are at work. The room seems to draw the stress out; a sensory anti-anxiety medication. I really appreciate all you guys do to work with us. You are truly the definition of customer service.

- Gregg Stout

Former Imaging Systems Manager, Intermountain Healthcare Southwest Region

“I’ve had MRIs before, and the thought of being shoved in this little tube with this beep beep beep noise terrified me… But we get in there and it’s pink … and I’m looking at this big display of fish floating by, and before I knew it, it was over.” 

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- Maranda

Caring MR Suite® Patient

“We are loving [our Caring MR Suite®]. A wonderful piece of art and design for the kids. Not only are our patients enjoying the system, the employees are just happy to be working with happy children.”

- Boateng Ohene-Adjei

MRI Supervisor, Morgan Stanley Children’s Hospital

“The [In-Bore Viewing Video Display with Mirror Glasses] have been a huge help with the claustrophobic patients who enter the scanner head first! I use them all the time and they provide a positive experience for our patients. I’ve had claustrophobic patients who’ve told me that the glasses [with the video display] made the difference to enable them to complete the study. I would say it’s helped at least two dozen [patients].”

- Cindy De Gregorio

MRI Supervisor, UPMC Passavant / McCandless / Cranberry / Wexford Spine Center

“We are looking to improve the MRI environment, making it less clinical and more inviting, thereby reducing our claustrophobic and high anxiety patient’s fears. PDC has the perfect combination of lights, sounds and imagery. The Caring Suite has been a great improvement over our previous sterile, unfriendly room.”  

- Gregg Stout

Former Imaging Systems Manager, Intermountain Healthcare Southwest Region

“We in fact did a 6-year-old last week for a brain MRI, an MRA, beautiful images. He didn’t have any sedation, nothing. The first set there was a little motion, after that he settled in to watch his theme, and he was very excited. In the first two weeks, we converted 3 inpatient sedation requests to no sedation. These are patients that “always” have sedation.”  

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- Brenda Downen

Director Imaging Services, Carle BroMenn

Patients love the Caring Suite.  One patient said, “ Wow, this is the most spa-like MRI I have ever had.”

- Beth Lavilla

Lead MRI Technologist, Sutter Pacific Medical Foundation

“I’ve seen a decrease in people who need anesthesia altogether. We used to do at least 5 or 6 a week with anesthesia, now we’re lucky if we even do one.”

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- Rachel

MRI Tech, Carle BroMenn Medical Center

“We had one patient so impressed with [our Caring MR Suite®] that she asked if she could get a massage, her hair done, and a manicure too! Another patient was like ‘Wow! I’m in heaven!’  This past weekend I had a non-English speaking patient who couldn’t tolerate the 1.5T that we have, so I tried [our new 3T Caring MR Suite] and she went from refusing MRI to smiling when she came out. It was great!”

- Sebie

MRI Technologist, Advocate Christ Medical Center

“The [Caring MR Suite®] is a real hit! Our patients love the option of music and love the viewing display. We used to send away/reschedule an average 4-6 claustrophobic patients a week. In the month we have been live in our new unit we have only rescheduled one patient to come back with medication. I believe the PDC suite is a big reason for that turnaround.”

- Jake Dumais

Franklin Community Health Network MRI Technologist