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“[The Caring MR Suite® App] is very easy to use, and it doesn’t take a long time. It’s very user friendly.”

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- Jessica

MRI Tech, Berkeley Medical Center

“When we leave the room, they are focused on that screen, and you can tell they are relaxed, and you come in and they are just as comfortable, and it’s wonderful. When they leave here, they’ve had a good experience, and I believe [our Caring Suite®] is a big part of it.”

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- Connie

HDR Tech, Hendrick Health System

“Rodney Gebert and those from his [PDC MRI RF Shielding] team provided outstanding care to ensure the MRI for the Department of Radiation Oncology Project at the University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics was able to stay on schedule through difficult existing conditions in large part to the efforts of PDC.  PDC provided the thorough level of care that went beyond the typical standards of means and secured a successful installation of the MRI Machine.”

- RDG Employee

“It has really helped my patients. A lot more patients are writing in on our reviews. They love the [Caring MR Suite®] and want to come back.  There are actually patients who ask if they can stay longer. That never happened in the old suite. They aren’t thinking about going into the tube, they are thinking about the environment, the color, the stuff on the screen, the music. They like all of those different options.”

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- Rachel

MRI Tech, Carle BroMenn Medical Center

“We in fact did a 6-year-old last week for a brain MRI, an MRA, beautiful images. He didn’t have any sedation, nothing. The first set there was a little motion, after that he settled in to watch his theme, and he was very excited. In the first two weeks, we converted 3 inpatient sedation requests to no sedation. These are patients that “always” have sedation.”  

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- Brenda Downen

Director Imaging Services, Carle BroMenn

“We had a guy the other day that had 4 failed MRI’s (one was even an open MRI) and he was able to do ours [in the Caring MR Suite® Cassette®]. We have not had a claustrophobia fail yet [in our 1st 4 months.]”

- Trinity Flowers

Imaging Supervisor, Hillsboro Area Hospital

“Everything is going great, we are really liking our system. The PDC [In-Bore Viewing Video Display] has been a huge benefit to our patients. The theme display helps reduce anxiety and lessens the feeling of being inside an enclosed tube. The M2 [treatment and simulation] displays allow our patients to be an active participant in their treatment and gives them the ability to self-gate during breath hold treatments.”    

- Bryanna Ballard

Chief Radiation Therapist, Bass Cancer Center

“[The UV-C LED Bore Disinfection System] is amazing and helps make our caregivers and patients feel safe knowing we are doing everything we can to protect everyone.”

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- Adam Mellott

Director of Imaging, PeaceHealth Sacred Heart at RiverBend

PDC has been great to work with, listening to ideas for improvement, and acting quickly to make them reality. Patients love the room, and even the technologists have commented on how much more relaxed they are at work. The room seems to draw the stress out; a sensory anti-anxiety medication. I really appreciate all you guys do to work with us. You are truly the definition of customer service.

- Gregg Stout

Former Imaging Systems Manager, Intermountain Healthcare Southwest Region

“I’ve had MRIs before, and the thought of being shoved in this little tube with this beep beep beep noise terrified me… But we get in there and it’s pink … and I’m looking at this big display of fish floating by, and before I knew it, it was over.” 

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- Maranda

Caring MR Suite® Patient