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“The [Caring MR Suite®] is a real hit! Our patients love the option of music and love the viewing display. We used to send away/reschedule an average 4-6 claustrophobic patients a week. In the month we have been live in our new unit we have only rescheduled one patient to come back with medication. I believe the PDC suite is a big reason for that turnaround.”

- Jake Dumais

Franklin Community Health Network MRI Technologist

“We love [our MRI In-Bore Viewing Video Display] and are having tons of positive feedback from patients. [In the first few weeks] we’ve had at least 4 patients with histories of incomplete exams due to anxiety come in and finish exams easily.”

- Nichol A. Hughes

Clinical Coordinator, Longstreet Clinic Radiology Services

“We have had such positive responses to the Caring Suite!  The majority of our patients comment that it is a beautiful room and it doesn’t feel “hospital like”, but in fact it’s more like a spa environment. The videos are a big hit and many people say that they wish the videos could be viewed inside the scanner…maybe sometime in the future?!? We have had many repeat patients who have told us they choose to come to our facility because it’s so beautiful and they feel more at ease and comfortable in our MRI! Everything is going well as our volume is growing.”

- Cindy De Gregorio

MRI Supervisor, UPMC Passavant / McCandless / Cranberry / Wexford Spine Center

“The [Caring MR Suite®] is sweet (bad pun). PDC has made our MRI the jewel of the hospital. Patients seem pleased and comfortable; it helps with the calming and inviting feeling we try to provide.”

- Stanford Firth

Lead MRI Technologist, MountainStar Lakeview Hospital

“I toured the plant where [the Cassettes] are made.  I am not a construction expert by any means, but I know a fair bit about it.  I was very impressed with the cleanliness of the plant and the obvious quality of the workmanship.  I also was so impressed with the Caring MR portion.”

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- Trinity Flowers

Imaging Supervisor, Hillsboro Area Hospital

“As always, PDC is offering a quality product that meets the clinical needs and in respect with the patient experience. [The Privacy Glass MRI Door is an] Amazing solution!”  

- Jean Michel (JM) Paré

Director of Business Development & Marketing, SDI Canada

We are loving the [Caring MR Suite® Cassette®], as well as the patients.  Nothing but compliments, patients are more comfortable and relaxed during their scan.”  

- MRI Supervisor

Ochsner St. Anne

“Everything has been wonderful. And as always anyone you guys send out to work with us is the most professional and knowledgeable. It’s a pleasure working with them, we hate to see them go.”

- Radiology Administrator

St. Charles Orthopedics

“We’ve installed the [Full Glass MRI Doors with IV Waveguides] … and the results are great. Users and patients really love these systems. The user doesn’t feel like they’re walking into a bunker and the user has a much nicer space. The IV in the door is a no brainer for the techs and nurses….it makes life that much simpler for them. Kudos to your team for this outstanding design, we love it!”  

- Toufic Abiad

President, SDI Canada & SDI Worldwide

“[The MRI In-Bore Projection System] is a game-changer.”

- Leading WI Children's Hospital