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“The [Caring MR Suite®] is sweet (bad pun). PDC has made our MRI the jewel of the hospital. Patients seem pleased and comfortable; it helps with the calming and inviting feeling we try to provide.”

- Stanford Firth

Lead MRI Technologist, MountainStar Lakeview Hospital

“I toured the plant where [the Cassettes] are made.  I am not a construction expert by any means, but I know a fair bit about it.  I was very impressed with the cleanliness of the plant and the obvious quality of the workmanship.  I also was so impressed with the Caring MR portion.”

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- Trinity Flowers

Imaging Supervisor, Hillsboro Area Hospital

“Most patients enjoy using the iPad to create themes and color schemes for the [Caring MR Suite®.] The use of their iPhones for music is by far the greatest thing some have experienced!”

- Yvette

MRI Secretary - Atrium Health Mercy

“We’ve seen the calming effects of the [Caring MR Suite® Cassette®] first hand.  We witnessed a severely claustrophobic patient receive her MRI and then walk directly down to customer service and state that this was the best thing that Meadville Medical Center hospital has ever purchased.”

- Terry Beck

Director of Imaging, Meadville Medical Center

“We’ve installed the [Full Glass MRI Doors with IV Waveguides] … and the results are great. Users and patients really love these systems. The user doesn’t feel like they’re walking into a bunker and the user has a much nicer space. The IV in the door is a no brainer for the techs and nurses….it makes life that much simpler for them. Kudos to your team for this outstanding design, we love it!”  

- Toufic Abiad

President, SDI Canada & SDI Worldwide

“[The MRI In-Bore Projection System] is a game-changer.”

- Leading WI Children's Hospital

“Our patient satisfaction scores have been on the rise since we implemented [our Caring Suites®.] One thing we take really seriously here at Hendrick, is the ability to provide the best patient outcomes, and we feel the patient experience is directly related to patient outcomes.”

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- Jory Lee

Radiology Director, Hendrick Health System