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Caring Suite™ FAQs

The Caring Suite™ is an MRI, imaging or oncology patient experience suite designed expressly to improve patient experience, workflow and ROI. With a tap of a finger, patients and caregivers can instantly personalize suite video, audio and or lighting features to help patients feel more relaxed and in control.  See for yourself here with our Virtual Tour and choose your Caring Suite solutions here.

You choose the options that are right for you. Browse Caring Suite options here, and get inside our Caring Suites with our Virtual Tour.

Nature Themes feature original 4K and HD nature videography created in-house specifically to soothe and inspire patients and caregivers. Themes are paired with relaxing soundtracks or your choice music. Visit our Themes page to learn more and preview a sample of our Nature Theme videos.

Theme selection processes vary by site and is chosen by the care team. Caregivers may offer patients Theme options via the Caring Suite App Patient Portal, a Theme Choice handout or any other method the care team chooses. Many teams find success using a Theme Choice handout. Here, patients can use a supplied Theme Choice handout during the check-in process to easily select their Nature Theme, lighting hue and music genre, if applicable. This method of pre-selecting Theme options in the waiting area gives patients the benefits of personalization, while ensuring an effortless, efficient selection process for caregivers.

Benefits include:

*Even patient motion is no small matter. This study finds the potential cost of patient motion to be $115,000 per scanner per year.

**Survey results indicate 94% of patients report an “Excellent” experience, and 100% of patients who report high MRI anxiety would “Highly Recommend” the Caring MR Suite experience.

See “Reduce MRI Sedation with the Caring MR Suite,” to learn more and how one team put their Caring MR Suite to work to reduce anesthesia cases by nearly 60% and produce a payback period of less than 2 years.

**Contact us for survey details

The following features play a large role in the Caring Suite’s ability to help patients feel more relaxed

Learn more with 8 Ways to the Best MRI Experience.

The Caring Suite is for all patients; however, the suite is particularly helpful for patients  who experience anxiety and claustrophobia. Several Caring MR Suite® sites have reported that patients who have not been able to tolerate a standard MRI suite, have had a successful scan with the Caring MR Suite. See the Caring MR Suite Study here.

With our MRI In-Bore Viewing Solutions, patients will be able to watch the Nature Theme video or movie for the entirety of the scan. With regard to Caring MR Suites with a Ceiling Video Display, if the patient’s head is outside of the bore, they will be able to watch their choice video for the entirety of the scan.

The Caring MR Suite® was launched at RSNA 2011 expressly for MRI. Today, there are more than 400 Caring Suites installed for all imaging and oncology modalities.

Meticulously crafted nature visuals, your choice video, lighting and music, personalized and blended together to delight and soothe patients and caregivers alike – with just a tap or 2 of the Caring Suite® App.

Plus, our Caring Suites are better than ever with 10 years of developments and refinements to help deliver your best patient care as effortlessly and efficiently as possible.

Explore options here, and choose your solutions to help deliver your healthcare experience and ROI.

Cassette® FAQs

The Cassette® Relocatable Imaging Suite is a fully finished, fully relocatable “institutional-quality” imaging building that can be used as permanent or temporary structures and later sold or relocated elsewhere. Several Cassettes can also combine to form a Mini Clinic. Learn more here.

Multiple Cassettes joined together to best meet your needs. Visit the Cassette Mini Clinic page to see a time-lapse of Stanford’s install.

An exclusive building-design review process followed by a stringent building-testing program to verify compliance with all GE equipment requirements. GE engineers worked collaboratively with PDC to design the optimal relocatable imaging environment. Our Cassettes are manufactured under a strict Quality Management System audited by GE to ensure continuous quality compliance.

Speed, simplicity and performance. Choosing a Cassette eliminates lengthy design meetings, long construction schedules, mediating claims for forgotten work, negotiating change orders and waiting for the MR system to be delivered, installed and readied for scanning. With the Cassette, you can be scanning and generating revenue long before your building program would have been completed. Learn why the Cassette is so much more than your typical modular MRI building here.

PDC provides a Site Planning Guide for the foundation and can collaborate with your consultants and designers. Or PDC will design and construct the foundation.

Yes. Add on your choice of patient experience solutions.

MRI Shielding FAQs

Learn more with 12 Ways to the Best MRI Shielding and Patient Experience.


  • Specifically designed for MRI and other imaging bores and tables. Disinfecting cycle times are fast and reliable. Total cycle time under 5 minutes.
  • Generates UV-C light energy across the Germicidal Spectrum, 260nm to 300nm
  • UV-C light energy is scientifically proven to kill all pathogens with a confidence level of 99.9%
  • Disinfects Radiology equipment bores and patient tables
  • Can be used on MR, PET/MR, CT, PET, PET/CT, MR-guided Linac, Nuc Med and any other bores in the hospital 60-80 cm wide and with tables up to 200 cm long
  • Helps prevent the spread of infectious disease that cause HAIs

It was designed specifically for MRI and is MRI safe. It can also be used for all Radiology bores (60-80 cm) and patient tables (up to 200 cm long) following non-MRI safety precautions.

No. The UV-C System plugs into a standard electrical outlet. Nothing else is needed.

No, FDA approval is not needed. The UV-C System is a disinfecting (cleaning) system. There is no patient contact. The patient is not in the room when the cleaning cycle is run. The disinfecting system does not connect to, communicate with, or modify any imaging equipment in the hospital.

Yes, it has been proven by independent scientific research that UV-C light energy kills bacteria and viruses, including coronavirus.

Yes. The UV-C System has been independently tested. Regulatory agencies have verified it delivers UV-C light energy across the UV-C Germicidal Spectrum (260nm to 300nm).

Yes, your PDC sales representative can issue a proposal with discounts for multiple purchases.

If you run a disinfecting cycle after every scan, you can expect a useful life of 7 to 10 years before System components begin to reach the end of their useful life. PDC can replace and refurbish the system extending its useful life. If you run a disinfecting cycle at the end of each day, the useful life will extend past 10 years before the System components reach the end of their useful life.

Yes. The UV-C System is a Class 2 device with ETL approval. This means it is safe and there is no possibility the user can get a shock or touch anything that will cause them harm in any way. It is also MRI safe and will never be attracted to the magnet.

Total disinfection cycle time is from 2 to 3 minutes, depending upon the size and shape of the bore and the pathogens you desire to kill. Total cycle time, including set-up and proximity sensor initialization, is 5 minutes.


LED Lighting FAQs

No. Our LED Lighting solutions were tested and proven compliant with EMI requirements in GE Healthcare MRI suites before market release and have been in use in various vendor suites for nearly 10 years.

Life expectancy is 7-10 years.

Most existing imaging suite light fixtures can be converted from incandescent to LED in an easy, 90-minute, 3-step process. No construction, magnet ramp-down or lost imaging time needed. Learn more here.