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MRI LED Lighting Products

Replacement MRI LED Lighting

*Replace banned incandescent lighting in 90 minutes + 3 simple steps

Still have incandescent lights in your MRI suite?

As of August 1, 2023, you can no longer purchase most common incandescent light bulbs, but PDC can help! Quickly, easily and cost-effectively convert *most existing imaging suite light fixtures from incandescent to MRI LED lighting with PDC’s low-voltage DC LED Retrofit System.

  • Easy, 90-minute*, 3-step process
  • No construction nor magnet ramp-down
  • No lost imaging time
  • No lighting artifacts
  • Exceeds all MRI vendor requirements
  • 7-10-year life expectancy

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Caring MR Suite® featuring MRI LED Lighting
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Easy, *90-minute, 3-step process:

1. Install PDC’s DC lighting controller in MRI equipment room

2. Replace and install new dimmer in control room

3. Remove existing light bulbs from fixtures and replace with PDC LED bulbs

  • Compact design
  • Low-voltage DC power supply
  • Dimmable
  • Estimated 7-10-year life expectancy
  • Reuse existing incandescent fixtures and wiring
  • Can be performed with magnet ramped
  • Exceeds all MRI vendor requirements
  • No lighting artifacts
  • No lost imaging time
  • No added construction costs
  • No construction, downtime nor magnet ramp-down
  • Reduced energy costs
  • 3-year warranty on lights, 1-year warranty on power supply and dimmer
  • ETL listed
  • Option to integrate with other PDC Lighting and Patient Experience Solutions
  • All of PDC’s products have been tested and evaluated using the most stringent standards following the UL, CSA and IEC specifications. Using Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratories ensures that all of PDC’s products meet and exceed the minimum requirements for safety

See Technical Document in tab above for more details

*Installation time can vary depending on location, installer experience, condition of room and current installed lights. Most existing imaging suite light fixtures can be converted to LED using the Retrofit System. However, if not possible, we can still convert your existing fixtures to LED using our Replacement MRI LED Lighting system. Contact us for more details.

A21 LED Lamp 35K MRI - Spec Sheet
Replacement MRI LED Lighting
A21 LED Lamp 35K Non-MRI - Spec Sheet
Replacement MRI LED Lighting
A21 LED Lamp 40K MRI - Spec Sheet
Replacement MRI LED Lighting
A21 LED Lamp 40K Non-MRI - Spec Sheet
Replacement MRI LED Lighting
A21 LED Lamp IES Data
Replacement MRI LED Lighting
Retrofit MRI LED Lighting - Brochure
Replacement MRI LED Lighting
What vendors are saying

“*Top quality products serving the MR community. Your revolutionary hybrid and confirming shielding solution … installs in half the time of traditional with better RF tolerances… Love your stuff and recommend it to every customer with excellent results.”

-Jeff Grieb

Region Modality Leader, MR – GE Healthcare *Theses comments are Jeff’s opinion alone, and not an official endorsement from GE Healthcare
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