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February 24, 2023

How to Improve MRI Productivity + Experience


A Patient Experience + Productivity Q&A with PDC Chief Sales Officers, Blayne Seidl and Michael Hemmerly

In today’s MRI world, the need to improve MRI productivity AND MRI patient experience is more important than ever – and yet, these goals seem at odds. How can we speed and improve throughput in an anxiety-inducing environment, while providing superior patient care?

For nearly 15 years, we have been focused on solving this problem, continually refining our Caring Suite patient experience solutions based on user and patient feedback to improve MRI productivity and patient experience. And the results? In this study, see how one Caring MR Suite site reduced escape rate by 85%, anesthesia cases by 57% – with a payback period for their suite of less than 2 years.

Caring MR Suite® featuring hospital and MRI LED Lighting, LED Cove Lighting, 4K Video Displays and Directional LED Task Lights

Caring MR Suite® featuring 4K Video Displays, MRI LED Lighting + In-Bore Viewing


Plus, below learn about our latest MRI patient experience solutions and how the Caring Suite elements come together to improve MRI productivity and patient experience in this Q&A with PDC’s Chief Sales Officers, Blayne Seidl and Michael Hemmerly.

Thank you to DOTMed for this interview opportunity!

DOTMED:  “What are some of the newest or most interesting MRI patient experience solutions you’re offering?”

MICHAEL: “At PDC, we offer a variety of solutions that can be tailored to the customer’s budget and infrastructure. We offer a wired and wireless MRI In-Bore Viewing Portable Video Display (PVD), white and colored patient experience LED lighting, Ceiling and Wall 4K Video Displays, Illuminated Image Ceilings and Windows, soothing soundtracks and original 4K Nature Theme videos – developed specifically for patients. Our Caring MR Suite® features our full array of patient experience solutions all effortlessly controlled by the Caring MR Suite App. Our newest Caring MR Suite solutions include patient Scrolling Text, Gradient Lighting, Nature 270 – an illuminated Image Ceiling® that cascades ceiling to floor and Privacy Glass. Our Scrolling Text feature has already proven to help patients with hearing issues and with the reduction in sedation and anesthesia. Lastly, we recently developed our UV-C LED Bore Disinfection System to fully disinfect hard-to-clean imaging bores and tables in less than 5 minutes.”

Schneck Medical Center Caring MR Suite® featuring PDC Privacy Glass Automatic MRI RF Door

Privacy Glass Automatic MRI RF Door

DOTMED: “In what ways do your systems improve the patient experience in comparison to the conventional MRI experience?”

MICHAEL: “The Caring MR Suite delivers the best MRI experience to every patient by giving patients and caregivers control to quickly personalize video, lighting, music and communication for every patient. Patients and caregivers can select a favorite color, audio, Nature Theme video or even a movie before their scan. Scrolling Text and Countdown Timers help keep all patients encouraged and informed, and are particularly helpful for patients with hearing issues. These features help put patients at ease and reduce anxiety by creating a positive distraction for their entire exam. Our Caring MR Suite and In-Bore Viewing Video Display have also proven to significantly reduce claustrophobia and sedation and improve workflow. For patients that have regularly scheduled scans, many actually look forward to picking a different room color, Theme and audio each time.”

PDC UV-C LED Bore Disinfection System to disinfect MRI, CT and any imaging bore and table

UV-C LED Bore Disinfection System

DOTMED: “Do tools like these yield workflow and patient outcome advantages?”

BLAYNE: “Yes, the Caring MR Suite assists in getting better throughput of patients, and thus improves ROI. Our system decreases patient escape rates by as much as 85% and the need for repeat scans due to motion artifacts. Patients that are more relaxed and calm are able to hold still during the exam. Our system also assists in communication between the technologist and patient.”

DOTMED: “Can these solutions be incorporated into any MRI suite, or are there required specifications?”

BLAYNE: “Yes. PDC has solutions for new construction as well as retrofit solutions. Our products are compatible with all MRI vendors requirements. For retrofit situations, we have solutions, including the Wireless In-Bore Viewing Video Display, that can be installed without ramping down the MRI. In fact, our Wireless Display can be installed in as little as 15 minutes, with no downtime required.”

Wireless MRI In-Bore Viewing Video Display to improve MRI productivity, patient experience and ROI - installed in as little as 15 minutes - no construction, no downtime.

Wireless MRI In-Bore Viewing Video Display

DOTMED: “Do these solutions offer a cost-⁠savings value?”

MICHAEL: “Yes. PDC’s LED lighting alone offers great operational cost savings for our customers. A recent Caring MR Suite study also reported a nearly 60% reduction in outpatient anesthesia cases, an 85% decline in escape rate and a payback period of less than 2 years. All PDC MRI products are specifically engineered to operate in an MRI suite without causing artifacts, thus reducing repeat scans and saving the hospital money.”

DOTMED: “What kind of feedback do you get from providers who have implemented these systems?”

MICHAEL: “PDC has wonderful customers who love to provide us feedback. We receive positive feedback from patients and staff. Patients who never thought they would ever be able to get an MRI, are able to without sedation. Surprisingly, it’s not uncommon to have the Caring MR Suite compared to a day at the spa! The Caring MR Suite is also loved by the staff as the environment is always different, and helps put both patients and staff at ease. The PDC Caring MR Suite also helps our customers with marketing their facility and technology. Our customers share with us that patients travel great distances to be scanned in a Caring MR Suite. These heath systems want the very best for the patients they care for, from cutting-edge equipment, to an amazing patient experience. We provide the ladder in world-class fashion.”

PDC MRI In-Bore Viewing Video Display Testimonial for improved patient experience and MRI productivity

DOTMED:  “Is there anything else important to mention that I haven’t already asked about?”

BLAYNE: “In an ideal world, hospital architecture would be bright, open and lavish to help put patients at ease. The reality though, is very different. In MRI Imaging Departments, for example, MRI protection requirements must be observed. As a consequence, MRI suites tend to be in areas where natural light is a luxury, and often windowless walls create a bunker-like atmosphere. With the PDC Caring MR Suite, patient anxiety is reduced through an immersive, multi-sensorial experience, using technology as an enabler for positive distraction. Our 4K Nature Theme videos are created in-house specifically to provide the healing and anxiety-reducing benefits of nature to patients. Exam rooms, control rooms and peripheral areas can also be transformed to deliver a personalized, more meaningful clinical experience for patients and staff. Ultimately, it’s superior patient experience designed to also improve MRI productivity and ROI.”

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