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Hendrick Health System

“Our patient satisfaction scores have been on the rise since we implemented this technology. One thing we take really seriously here at Hendrick, is the ability to provide the best patient outcomes, and we feel the patient experience is directly related to patient outcomes.”
Jory Lee, Radiology Director 

“At a point when [patients] get diagnosed with cancer, they sort of lose a sense of control, and one of the great things about this, is that we have the ability to give them a choice. When they come in, selecting their theme and music to listen to, in a way that is giving them a sense of control back.”
Shawn Zullo, Lead Therapist 

“When we leave the room, they are focused on that screen, and you can tell they are relaxed, and you come in and they are just as comfortable, and it’s wonderful. When they leave here, they’ve had a good experience, and I believe this is a big part of it.”
Connie, HDR Suite Technician

Radiation Therapy Caring Suite™
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