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MRI Shielding Products

MRI RF Door Frame IV Waveguide

A simpler solution for enhanced safety, efficiency and patient experience

Never disconnect critical care lines for an MRI again

It was originally conceived to help Children’s Hospital of WI safely transport critical care infants in and out of the MRI suite – without disconnecting critical care lines – and without the need for additional MRI-safe equipment.

Today, our IV Waveguide has become a staple of our Automatic and Semi-Automatic MRI Doors, enhancing safety, efficiency, simplicity – and patient experience for all critical care patients.

Available with any new Automatic or Semi-Automatic MRI Door.

*Patent: US 8,087,203 B2

See it in action below and explore MRI Door options here.

MRI RF Door Frame IV Waveguide
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What vendors are saying

“We’ve installed the [Full Glass MRI Doors with IV Waveguides] … and the results are great. Users and patients really love these systems. The user doesn’t feel like they’re walking into a bunker and the user has a much nicer space. The IV in the door is a no brainer for the techs and nurses….it makes life that much simpler for them. Kudos to your team for this outstanding design, we love it!”  

-Toufic Abiad

President, SDI Canada & SDI Worldwide
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