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Cassette® Products

Cassette® Relocatable Imaging Suite

Speed, simplicity, beauty, flexibility

A better mobile and site-built alternative for radiology – delivered with speed and simplicity

It’s one of our first, most acclaimed and simplest solutions – designed to speed the latest imaging technology to patients in a simple, beautiful, comfortable way: it’s the PDC Cassette®:

  • Custom-designed
  • Fully-finished
  • Relocatable
  • Institutional-compliant
  • Hospital-grade
  • GE Healthcare Certified
  • Available with the Caring Suite™
  • Available in Mini Clinic configurations

Explore Cassette details, options and benefits below.

Free-standing PDC Caring MR Suite Cassette® Mini Clinic for MRI
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The Cassette® Process

As a manufacturer of MRI Shielding, MRI LED Lighting, cabinetry and patient experience products, our buildings deliver quality and cost savings unique compared to site-built projects and typical modular MRI buildings.

Compared to fixed-site design and construction projects, which can take nine to 12 months or longer for a similar-sized PDC building, the Cassette® process is designed to have you patient-ready in the shortest timeframe possible:

  • Phase 1 – Planning, design consultation and meetings. Purchase order signed
  • Phase 2 – Cassette® manufacturing by PDC. Foundation planning / construction by local architect / contractor or PDC consultants
  • Phase 3 – Cassette® delivery
  • Phase 4– Installation (1 day)
  • Phase 5 – System start-up and testing by field service engineer
  • Phase 6 – Ready for patients

The interior and exterior finishes of the Cassette® building can be custom-designed to complement or match an existing structure.   A wide variety of building options are available to ensure your suite is compliant with all state building codes, health department regulations and both technician and patient conveniences.

For MR Systems:
  • Fully installed equipment room and all electrical and mechanical wiring ready to accept your new MR magnet that will be rigged in two days after the building is placed on the foundation
  • The Cassette comes complete with RF and magnetic shielding
For MICT Modalities:
  • System installation occurs after the building is set
  • The Cassette comes complete with lead shielding for MICT
  • Enhanced Institutional Type II-A
  • State & FGI Design Compliant
  • State Health Dept. Compliant
  • UL Listed Components & Design
  • CWB Certified: CSA A660-10 & CSA W47.1
  • Hurricane-Rated Structure Available
  • Seismic Rated Zone D or E
  • GE Healthcare Certified Building
  • Can attach to your Hospital/OIC or operate as a stand-alone building
  • Vult = 190 MPH super-structure
  • Fully finished interior & exterior
  • Self-contained HVAC system
  • Wet fire suppression (dry optional)
  • Vibration isolation design for optimum image quality
  • Communication & data conduits
  • Transportation from PDC to customer
Additional Features and Options:
  • Expandable to 60’ in length*
  • ADA restroom/changing room
  • Med gas (O2, Air, Suction)
  • Cube HVAC with UV-C
  • Negative pressure Clinical Suite
  • UV lighting for sterilization
  • Hand wash sink
  • Solid surface & custom cabinetry
  • Auto & sound attenuation door options
  • Full glass door & control windows with Privacy option
  • FerrAlert HALO II Plus
  • LED White and RGB lighting solutions
  • Caring Suite™ for patient experience
  • MRI In-Bore Viewing Solutions
*Mini Clinics:

Need additional clinical space beyond a 15×60’ Cassette? Order our multiple Cassette® Mini Clinic Solution, where the design and size possibilities are endless.

What customers are saying

“I toured the plant where [the Cassettes] are made.  I am not a construction expert by any means, but I know a fair bit about it.  I was very impressed with the cleanliness of the plant and the obvious quality of the workmanship.  I also was so impressed with the Caring MR portion.”

-Trinity Flowers

Imaging Supervisor, Hillsboro Area Hospital
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