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March 1, 2021

PDC + Amico for Single-Source Medical Lighting


Consider simplified medical and MRI LED lighting delivered. PDC Facilities (PDC) and Amico Lights (Amico) are excited to announce a new partnership to bring a full portfolio of proven medical lighting solutions to healthcare designers in a single-source solution. The partnership grants Amico Lights exclusivity among medical lighting manufacturers to sell PDC’s suite of MRI and patient experience LED lighting solutions, rounding out Amico’s portfolio of medical lighting solutions.

Healthcare LED Lighting – Simplified

While Amico Lights specializes in the design, manufacture and marketing of a broad range of medical lighting, PDC specializes in part in LED task and patient experience lighting for MRI, radiation therapy and all healthcare modalities. For healthcare designers, combining the two lighting companies simplifies the design and installation process by delivering a single-source solution.

A Perfect Fit

According to Jim Maslowski, Founder and President of PDC, the partnership with Amico Lights was a perfect fit. “We were looking for more ways to introduce our lighting solutions to architects, engineers and designers. Amico was looking to expand their offerings to include the highly specialized MR market. Working with healthcare designers is one of Amico’s strengths. Partnering with a world-class medical lighting company to more easily bring our solutions to market, just made sense.”

100% MRI Compatibility

For Amico Lights, given the detailed engineering and ongoing development in MR, they chose not to try to re-invent the wheel. According to Scot Lim, Director of Sales at Amico Lights, “PDC offers a full team of subject experts within the MR space. They understand the testing challenges and requirements within the space to guarantee their products are 100% MRI compatible. Entering a market that requires such detail takes significant time and resources, but the new partnership allows Amico Lights access to nearly 40 years of experience.”

New Amico Lights Offerings

The partnership grants Amico Lights exclusivity among lighting manufacturers to sell PDC’s suite of LED lighting solutions for MRI and any healthcare modality, including:  Illuminated Image Ceilings, Nature270s, MRI LED Lighting – new and retrofit – and RGB Illuminated Wall Fixtures and Coves, available with PDC’s Caring Lighting App.

Solutions Designed Specifically for MRI

“What we offer our MRI customers and Amico are lighting solutions designed to meet the most demanding requirements for MRI lighting, productivity and imaging integrity – paired with an exceptional patient care experience,” said Maslowski.

“We offer solutions that meet all MRI RF emission requirements and a guarantee of zero artifacts. Unlike solutions that are re-purposed for MRI, we design all of our solutions specifically for MRI. MRI has been foundational to our business for nearly 40 years. It’s just what we do,” Maslowski said.

Solutions to Exceed All Vendor Installation Specifications

“We couldn’t be prouder or more excited to partner with such a fantastic and reputable lighting company. Extending our reach to every healthcare facility is our goal. No matter the MRI vendor, our products exceed all vendor installation specifications. This partnership will bring a single-source offering without the worry of MRI artifact.” Blayne Seidl, Chief Sales Officer at Sentient, a division of PDC.

For additional information about Amico Lights, please visit Amico’s website and learn more about PDC’s latest solutions here.

About Amico Lights

Amico Lights
, a division of Amico Corporation founded in 1974, designs, manufactures and markets a broad range of medical lighting products geared towards the inpatient environment. Today the company has grown to have a reputation for providing superior lighting and patient room control solutionsAmico Lights has continued to expand its market share year over year within the healthcare industry and continues to grow its agency networks across North America and Globally.

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