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MRI Shielding Products

MRI RF Waveguides and Filters

Custom-designed, guaranteed performance for every MRI and RF project need

For the services and shielding integrity you need

Precautions must be taken to accommodate ancillary equipment and utilities used within, or to service the MRI suite.

At PDC, we manufacture custom RF components to allow these systems to penetrate the RF enclosure while maintaining the integrity of the RF shielding. Solutions include:

Details below.

RF Honeycomb HVAC Waveguide
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MRI RF Waveguides and Filters:
RF Electrical Filters:
  • For all wiring – including electrical, data and control communications
  • Available in different sizes and configurations to accommodate all types of penetrations
  • PDC will assess the penetration properties and recommend the appropriate RF filter
RF Honeycomb HVAC Waveguides:
  • Manufactured to fit any size HVAC duct
  • Manufactured from 1″ thick brass honeycomb with 3/16″ diameter cells to ensure superior shielding effectiveness, minimal air flow resistance and pressure drop
  • Solid brass frames are continuously soldered to the honeycomb to ensure long-term shielding effectiveness and reliability
  • Exceptional for pressure relief penetrations
  • PDC manufactures waveguides to custom fit each duct penetration
RF Tubular Waveguides:
  • Cost-effective option for HVAC penetrations
  • All seams and flanges are fully welded to ensure shielding effectiveness
  • Also used for Cryogen vents and as pass-through access into RF enclosures
  • Available in aluminum, copper or stainless steel
  • Diameters up to 14″ depending on the application
  • PDC manufactures all waveguides to meet the requirements of the specific application
RF Plumbing Waveguides:
  • Allow for plumbing services to enter and leave the RF enclosure
  • Used for fire protection, medical gas or general plumbing service penetrations
MRI RF Door Frame IV Waveguide:
  • Allows for IVs and diagnostic monitoring lines without the need for disconnection
  • Eliminates need for additional MRI-safe equipment
  • Enhances safety and efficiency
  • Available with new Automatic and Semi-Automatic MRI Doors
  • Learn more here
  • Patent: US 8,087,203 B2


RF Filter Pack 1-01-000024 - Spec Sheet
MRI RF Waveguides and Filters
RF Filter Pack 1-01-000025 - Spec Sheet
MRI RF Waveguides and Filters
RF Filter Pack 1-01-000027 - Spec Sheet
MRI RF Waveguides and Filters
RF Filter Pack 1-01-000048 - Spec Sheet
MRI RF Waveguides and Filters
RF Filter Pack 1-01-000050 - Spec Sheet
MRI RF Waveguides and Filters
What vendors are saying

“*Top quality products serving the MR community. Your revolutionary hybrid and confirming shielding solution … installs in half the time of traditional with better RF tolerances… Love your stuff and recommend it to every customer with excellent results.”

-Jeff Grieb

Region Modality Leader, MR – GE Healthcare *Theses comments are Jeff’s opinion alone, and not an official endorsement from GE Healthcare
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