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March 10, 2023

Ft. Jesse's Caring MR Suite® Q&A


We’re excited to share that one of Illinois’ newest Caring MR Suites has landed at Ft. Jesse Imaging and Gale Keeran Center for Women in Normal, IL! Ft. Jesse’s Caring MR Suite features a custom Illuminated Image Ceiling®, task and ambient color-changing MRI LED Lighting, Illuminated Wall Fixtures, Curved Cove Lighting, Cabinetry – and the Caring Suite™ App to quickly and effortlessly personalize the experience for every patient and every need.

Ft. Jesse’s Caring MR Suite also features PDC’s NiCuFlex MRI RF Shielding, for quick, easy installation and superior performance and PDC’s Automatic MRI RF Door for effortless, trouble-free access to the MRI suite.

Learn more about Ft. Jesse’s new MRI and suite in Healthy Cell’s featured story, and here, see a time-lapse of the MRI and suite install.

We are so grateful to work with such fantastic teams like Ft. Jesse’s. Below, learn more about why Ft. Jesse chose the Caring MR Suite, and about their experience so far in this Q&A with the Ft. Jesse Imaging and Gale Keeran Center Team.

1. What happened the day you realized you needed a solution like the Caring MR Suite®?

“Increased claustrophobia and anxiety with patients was leading to an increase in patient cancellations.”

2. What problem were you hoping to solve?

“We wanted to help our patients feel more relaxed, and create a welcoming environment, which we believed would help our cancellations due to claustrophobia.”

3. What were your concerns before purchasing the Caring MR Suite?

“The expense of the room and wondering if it would truly help our patients.”

4. What would you have done had you not bought a solution from PDC?  What else were you researching?

“We were looking at just doing new flooring and paint and not spending the extra money for the lighting and ceiling panels.”

5. What’s your favorite part of the Caring MR Suite®?

“The lighting that changes colors on the [Illuminated Wall Fixtures] and the two [curved coves.]”

6. What’s changed the most since you’ve gotten the Caring MR Suite®?

“The patient comments that we receive, [such as] warm feeling, spa feeling, clean and crisp look, inviting….”

7. How would you describe the Caring MR Suite® to someone else in your position?

“The PDC Caring Suite™ allows for you to take a room that looks like there is no organization, with coils and items laying around, and create a very clean environment.  When I walk into the suite, all of the coils are hidden in a cabinet, the linen is hidden in a cabinet, and I only see the warm [Illuminated Wall Fixtures] with the wheat grass on them glowing from behind.  It truly relaxes me.”

8. How did you hear/learn about PDC’s Caring MR Suite?

“Online and research, and we also used PDC for our shielding – they are a great company!”

Thank you for sharing and for the kind words, Ft. Jesse, and again for choosing the Caring MR Suite! Find Ft. Jesse’s Portfolio feature and explore other featured projects here!

Plus, learn how the Caring MR Suite can improve MRI productivity and patient experience here.

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