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MRI Shielding Products

NiCuFlex MRI Shielding

Superior performance, design flexibility, rapid installation - plus patient experience integration

Confidently shield any MRI project in just 4 days

We consider our flexible, nickel/copper NiCuFlex MRI Shielding to be the gold standard of MRI Shielding. Here’s why:

  • Exceptional attenuation
  • Design flexibility
  • Unique long-term performance
  • Rapid installation
  • Lower cost than panel shielding

Plus, seamlessly integrate our latest MRI door, LED lighting and patient experience technology to speed project development and avoid added costs and delays.

See an installation timelapse and learn more below.

NiCuFlex MRI Shielding with the Caring MR Suite®
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NiCuFlex MRI Shielding Details:
  • Lightweight – Installs directly over inside wall surfaces
  • Requires minimal wall space – conserving valuable floor space compared to panel-type shielding
  • Conforms to room shape – corners, soffits, sloped ceilings, without significant additional cost
  • Accommodates last-minute site-driven room changes – without additional costs and delays
  • Eliminates rigid panels – eliminating large on-site dedicated storage areas to facilitate installation
  • Eliminates risk of RF leaks at panel-joint failure – associated with panel-type shielded enclosures
  • Provides long-term conductivity – with non-oxidizing nickel-coated copper material
  • Resists oxidation and corrosionDownload the Accelerated 20-Year Cycle Test Results
  • Reduces installation time – four days for a typical MRI scan room
  • Reduces product and installation cost – compared with panel-shielding
  • Seamlessly integrates with the latest MRI Door, LED lighting and patient experience technology
NiCuFlex Data Sheet
NiCuFlex MRI Shielding
What MRI vendors are saying

“*Top quality products serving the MR community. Your revolutionary hybrid and confirming shielding solution … installs in half the time of traditional with better RF tolerances… Love your stuff and recommend it to every customer with excellent results.”

-Jeff Grieb

Region Modality Leader, MR – GE Healthcare *Theses comments are Jeff’s opinion alone, and not an official endorsement from GE Healthcare
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