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October 27, 2022

Why choose PDC MRI Shielding over Panel Shielding?


While hidden beneath the seams of the MRI suite, choosing your MRI Shielding material and vendor is one of the most important – and often overlooked – decisions to make when designing an MRI suite. Not only is RF Shielding essential to the function of your MRI equipment – but deficiencies in RF Shielding can cost valuable time, revenue and add costs, with scanning down time and testing and repair costs.

Given the importance of MRI Shielding, what factors should you consider when choosing a Shielding vendor? An important place to start is the type of Shielding and installation. Panel MRI Shielding is one often-used type that involves fastening panels together to shield the suite. However, as you might imagine, this leaves your suite vulnerable to leaks at the panel joints, to corrosion and added costs for suite changes. In contrast, our NiCuFlex nickel-copper MRI Shielding fabric eliminates the risk of leaks, oxidation and corrosion, easily accommodates last-minute design changes, saves time and costs – and more below.

PDC NiCuFlex MRI RF Shielding with Caring MR Suite® new MRI patient experience project

PDC NiCuFlex MRI Shielding with Caring MR Suite®


Why choose NiCuFlex MRI Shielding fabric over panel-type shielding?
  • Eliminates rigid panels – eliminating large on-site dedicated storage areas to facilitate installation
  • Reduces product and installation cost – compared with panel shielding
  • Reduces installation time – four days for a typical MRI scan room compared with 7-10 for panel shielding
  • Flexible fabric conforms to room shape – corners, soffits, sloped ceilings, without significant additional cost
  • Accommodates last-minute site-driven room changes – without additional costs and delays
  • Eliminates risk of RF leaks at panel-joint failure – associated with panel-type shielded enclosures
  • Provides long-term conductivity – with non-oxidizing nickel-coated copper material
  • Resists oxidation and corrosionDownload the Accelerated 20-Year Cycle Test Results
  • Requires minimal wall space compared with panel-type shielding – conserving valuable floor space compared to panel-type shielding
  • Seamlessly integrates with the latest MRI door, LED lighting and patient experience technology

We hope you found this post helpful. Here, learn why it’s important to involve your shielding vendor early on in the design process and more from our MRI RF Shielding Manager Matt Boesel.

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