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LED Lighting Products

Directional LED Task Lights

Illuminating what matters most

Lighting designed for superior patient care

Say goodbye to fumbling in shadows and dim lighting, and hello to an all-time tech favorite: our LPD Directional LED Task Lights for MRI and any healthcare space.

Positioned and angled where needed most, Directional Lights shine brightly when and where you need them most.

Learn more, see photos – and see the Directionals in action below.

Caring MR Suite® with LED Can Lights and Directional LED Task Lights
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The LPD – Low Profile Directional Recessed LED Luminaire:
  • Non-ferrous
  • Direct current (DC)
  • Adjustable
  • Specifically designed to provide increased directional lighting for procedures on MRI and imaging tables
  • Contains no on-board electronics, therefore will not interfere with MRI imaging
  • Certified to meet MRI vendor EMI requirements – MRI applications require EMI-free emissions for specific frequency bands
  • All drive circuitry employs linear regulation and no *pulse-width modulation (PWM)
  • The LPD and all of PDC’s products have been tested and evaluated using the most stringent standards following the UL, CSA and IEC specifications. Using Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratories ensures that all of PDC’s products meet and exceed the minimum requirements for safety
User Control Options:

See Technical Document for additional details

*PWM is known to cause image artifacts, audible noise and light flicker

What users are saying

“I think PDC is one of the best things to happen in MRI. It’s so easy to focus on the amazing technology that the MRI scanner provides and lose sight of where the value of our work should be placed, and that is the patient. PDC team: Thank you for reminding us all of who pays our bills and feeds our family by placing them at the center of your work!”

-Michael Cecil

Director of Advanced Imaging
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