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When MRI hit the market, we were there – partnering with MRI vendors and providers to develop the specialized RF shielded suites needed to speed this exciting new imaging technology to patients.

For the next nearly 40 years, delivering the very best MRI shielded suites has been our first priority. Our unique, lightweight RF Shielding provides superior attenuation, long-term performance, design flexibility and rapid installation and at a lower cost than panel shielding. Our relocatable Cassette suite buildings speed imaging innovation to market in as little as 4 months, simplify project development and reduce downtime. Our MRI LED light bulbs eliminate artifacts and downtime and can be fully installed in just 90 minutes and 3 simple steps.

This specialization led to the creation of and launch of the Caring MR Suite with GE Healthcare at RSNA’11, bringing the first MRI Ceiling Video Display and truly personalized MRI experiences to patients.  With just a tap of a finger, patients and caregivers could now choose an original HD Nature Theme video, music, lighting hue or even a movie. And the results? Caring MR Suite Survey Results found 94% of patients reported an “Excellent” MRI experience with 25/25 patients who reported high MRI anxiety, reporting an “Excellent” experience. Meanwhile, owners have reported a reduction in anesthesia, sedation and failed scans due to claustrophobia, increased volume and a payback period in as little as 2 years.  Learn more about what others are saying about the Caring MR Suite here and Contact us for complete survey results.

But we didn’t stop there.  Since, we’ve continued to innovate and refine the Caring MR Suite according to patient and customer feedback. Most recently we’ve brought 4K resolution, wireless in-bore viewing and Privacy Glass to the Caring MR Suite and expanded Caring Suite technology to all GE Healthcare imaging modalities and general healthcare spaces.

To date, we’ve completed more than 3,000 MRI RF Shielded projects and 200+ Caring MR Suites worldwide. Contact us for ways we can help improve your total MRI and imaging patient experience.

Patient-friendly MRI Inbore Caring MR Suite