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January 3, 2024

A Year of Simplicity, Projection + PDC Cassette®


2023 Year in Review

2023 could be thought of as the year of simplicity, with interest surging in our simplest solutions – 1 large, 2 small. For our largest solution, the PDC Cassette® Relocatable Imaging Suite, our team needed to scramble to keep up with the orders!

Similarly, interest surged in the simplest In-Bore Viewing System available – the In-Bore Viewing Projection System – no goggles, no glasses, no setup, no clean-up – and no patient contact required.

Spurred by legislation, there was also higher than usual interest in our Replacement MRI LED Lighting System – installed in 90 minutes and 3 simple steps.

Given the state of healthcare post the Covid-19 pandemic, the surge of interest in speedy, simple, time-saving and cost-effective solutions makes sense.

But so much more happened in 2023 too.

See below for a few 2023 highlights.

Two Cassettes Crossed the Canadian Boarder…

…Along with one of PDC’s finest! See and learn more about HSC Winnipeg’s MRI Cassette here. Special thank you to our Canadian partners, SDI Canada, for always being so fantastic to work with. Plus, learn why the Cassette is not your typical modular MRI here.

PDC Cassette Relocatable Imaging Suite - Not your typical modular MRI

The Winnipeg and Quebec Cassettes


The In-Bore Viewing Projection System Hits the Market…

…Making truly effortless, hassle and contact-free MRI in-bore viewing a reality! No glasses, no goggles, no patient mirrors, no set-up, no extra cleaning.  See and hear from Intermountain’s Utah Valley team here!

PDC MRI In-Bore Viewing Projection System with Caring MR Suite and Intermountain Utah Valley testimonial

MRI In-Bore Viewing Projection System with Caring MR Suite® and Intermountain Utah Valley testimonial


Perfect Sky Transforms the Mammo Landscape

One of 2023’s Caring Mammo Suites, complete with Perfect Sky Image Ceiling®, 4K Video Displays, LED lighting and music.

Perfect Sky Image Ceiling® for your best Mammo experience

Caring Mammo Suite featuring Perfect Sky Image Ceiling®


UV-C Helps Keep Patients Safe …

…And caregivers too! Learn more about the first UV-C System designed to quickly and easily disinfect MRI and any imaging bore and table. Plus, hear from Nor-Lea here.

UV-C LED Bore Disinfection System for MRI, CT and any imaging bore and table.

UV-C LED Bore Disinfection System with MRI and CT


Caring Suites Continue to Transform the MRI + Imaging Experience…

…now totaling more than 400 Caring Suite™ patient experience suites installed worldwide! A few feature projects include:

Intermountain Utah Valley

Caring MR Suite® with 4K Ceiling Video Display and In-Bore Viewing Projection System – putting Intermountain at nearly 20 Caring MR Suites! See and learn more about Utah Valley’s suite here.

Intermountain Utah Valley Caring MR Suite with In-Bore Viewing Projection System for the best patient MRI experience

Intermountain Utah Valley Caring MR Suite®


Houston Physicians’ Hospital

Houston Physicians’ 2nd Caring MR Suite® was installed – this time featuring a 4K Ceiling Video Display, embedded in an LED Illuminated Image Ceiling®! Learn more about Houston Physicians’ suite here.

Houston Physicians' Hospital Caring MR Suite with 4K Video and Image Ceiling for your best MRI experience

Houston Physicians’ Caring MR Suite®

Boston Children’s Hospital – Weymouth

One more Caring MR Suite®, featuring a custom Illuminated Image Ceiling® and In-Bore Viewing Video Display, was added to Boston Children’s line-up.

BCH-Weymouth Caring MR Suite®


Catharina Hospital Eindhoven

Our In-Bore Viewing System made it all the way to Eindhoven!

Caring Suite In-Bore Viewing System for ViewRay and MR-Linac

In-Bore Viewing Video System for ViewRay MRIdian®

Carle Health

And one more Caring MR Suite® put Carle Health at 8 Caring MR Suites to date – and now also feature our MRI Shielding! Learn more about Carle’s suites here.

Carle Health Caring MR Suite®


Projection Makes 3

The addition of our In-Bore Viewing Projection System makes 3 MRI In-Bore Viewing offerings – helping ensure there is a perfect solution for every site.

MRI In-Bore Viewing Solutions - Wireless Portable Video Display, Projector and Wall-Mount Video Display

Wireless, Wired and Projection In-Bore Viewing Systems


Canadian Certification

Our fantastic welding team earned Canadian Certification!

Welder working on PDC Cassette® modular MRI building

PDC welder working on a PDC Cassette®


Everything MRI

We fostered a new friendship with Everything MRI


…While our Amico partnership continued to flourish!

PDC’s Michael Hemmerly and Mike Slemin visit Amico


Plus Fun & Charity

Yet, we still managed to have more fun.

Dock Hounds Game

Summer fun at the DockHounds baseball game

Dock Hounds Game 2

Annual Bags Tournament

Delish Mama Feliz Food Cart

Little Sister Cookies to top it off!

…And do some good at the same time!

PDC Entrants for the Charity Golf Tournament


Sleep in Heavenly Peace at PDC

Sleep in Heavenly Peace at PDC. Photo from 2022 event


Onwards to 2024

Thank you to our fantastic customers, partners, colleagues and friends for a memorable and fruitful 2023, and we look forward to an even better 2024. Stay tuned for exciting new developments!

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