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August 11, 2023

MRI-Safe LED Lighting - Converting is Easy


Still have incandescent lighting in your MRI suite?

As of August 1, 2023, there is a nation-wide ban on the sale of most incandescent light bulbs. If you’ve been holding off on transitioning to MRI-safe LED lighting due to cost, construction or downtime concerns, you are in luck! With our Replacement MRI LED Lighting system, you can easily transition to MRI-safe LED lighting – no construction, no downtime, no artifacts – in 90 minutes and 3 simple steps. Plus getting a quote is just as easy!

MRI LED Lighting - No construction, no downtime, no artifacts

Caring MR Suite® with MRI LED Lighting


Why choose PDC MRI LED Lighting?
1. The Details:

Easy, *90-minute, 3-step process:

1. Install PDC’s DC lighting controller in MRI equipment room

2. Install dimmer control in control room

3. Remove existing light bulbs from fixtures and replace with PDC LED bulbs


  • Compact design
  • Low-voltage DC power supply
  • Dimmable
  • Estimated 7-10-year life expectancy
  • Reuse existing incandescent fixtures and wiring
  • Can be performed with magnet ramped
  • Exceeds all MRI vendor requirements


  • No lighting artifacts
  • No lost imaging time
  • No added construction costs
  • No construction, downtime nor magnet ramp-down
  • Reduced energy costs
  • 3-year warranty
  • ETL listed
  • Option to integrate with other PDC Lighting and Patient Experience Solutions
2. We specialize in products for the MRI environment

Purchase lighting from a company that has specialized in MRI Shielding and products specifically for the MRI environment for more than 40 years. This deep knowledge and focus on MRI allows us to deliver products guaranteed to perform, artifact-free and meet the most stringent requirements.

PDC MRI Shielding testimonial


3. 12 years of MRI LED Lighting experience

Twelve years ago, when rumors of an incandescent lighting ban were still in their infancy, we were one of, if not the first, to develop and hit the market with the MRI LED Lighting. Since, we’ve only continued to refine and add to our lighting solutions.

Caring MR Suite® with 4K Video Display, Image Ceiling® and Privacy Glass Automatic MRI RF Door

Caring MR Suite® with 4K Video Display, Image Ceiling® and Privacy Glass Automatic MRI RF Door


4. Lighting built for your needs

Our deep knowledge of MRI also allows us to understand the needs of the MRI technologists and other caregivers. Directional LED Lighting provides bright, focused light on the patient table for set-up, IVs and any other procedures. Dimmable lighting allows you to take lighting to full brightness to a patient-friendly level to fully off. A light override switch ensures you are always able to turn your lights on – even in the event of power surges or outages. And the optional Caring MR Suite App places total light control at your fingertips – even allowing you to program presets for the perfect lighting levels with a tap of a finger. Plus, no downtime and no construction are required for the ~90 minute install.

 Caring Suite LED Lighting App

Caring MR Suite® Lighting App for white and RGB LED Lighting control


5. Integrated Patient Experience + MRI Shielding

Looking to add colored LED Lighting and or other patient experience solutions? Explore our Caring MR Suite solutions including:

Plus, in need of MRI Shielding? Work with a company that is experienced with integrating patient experience solutions to prevent issues down the road.

Ready to transition to MRI LED Lighting?

Learn more about Replacement Lighting and Get a Quote here.

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