An MRI Door, Designed with Patient Care in Mind

By January 25, 2022News
Caring MR Suite + Privacy Glass MRI Door
Effortless, trouble-free, leak-free, patient-friendly

Your MRI door should be the last thing interfering with patient care. Say goodbye to “slammers,” intimidating doors, leaks, fingers and disconnecting critical care lines, and hello to our suite of MRI doors, all designed with patient care in mind.

Each of our MRI doors features excellent RF attenuation, ease-of-use, operability at all times, security lockouts – and our optional patented MRI Door Frame IV Waveguide. Plus, our Automatic MRI Doors also offer our Privacy feature and full and partial glass options.

With just a tap of the Caring MR Suite App or press of a push paddle, our Automatic Doors effortlessly open. One more tap or flip of a switch activates the Privacy feature. See our MRI Doors in action here!

Choose from Automatic, Semi-Automatic, Sliding or Manual MRI doors – with your choice of add-ons and finishes. 

Features and Benefits:
  • Automatic MRI RF Door – Effortlessly opens and closes with a press of the door actuator
  • Semi-Auto MRI RF Door – Effortlessly opens with a press of the door actuator. Simply draw the door to a closed position, and the door will auto latch
  • Two Push-Plate Door Actuators – One outside, and one within MRI suite
  • Automatic latching system* – Provides uniform RF seal around door frame
  • RF door gasket seal – Acoustical Gasket Material resists oxidation and eliminates RF leakage
  • Maintenance – Gasket replacement and door maintenance is easily performed by the customer’s maintenance staff
  • Safety + No lost scan time – The doors can be operated manually at all times, even without power or compressed air
  • Security switch – Key-activated power switch for safety lockouts
  • Non-oxidizing – Higher sustained RF attenuation levels at the door
  • Acoustical properties – STC-rated for reduced MRI noise transmissions
  • Attenuation performance – Provides more than 100dB attenuation between 25 and 300 MHz
  • Custom doors – Custom door and frame designs are available for higher frequency attenuation
  • New! Full Glass Door – Helps ease patient anxiety. Partial glass also available
  • New! Privacy Glass – Effortlessly and beautifully toggles between clear and opaque with a tap or switch flip for patient privacy and safety

*Patent: US 7,448,165 B2

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