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MRI RF Shielding Products

Manual MRI RF Door

Easy-to-use, state-of-the-art, customizable and reliable

Not your average manual MRI door

Our Manual MRI RF Doors are designed to deliver safe, efficient care with a beautiful aesthetic.

  • Easy to use
  • Resists oxidation
  • Eliminates RF leakage
  • Easy maintenance
  • Reduces MRI noise transmissions
  • Excellent attenuation performance
  • Custom designs and finishes
  • Meets or exceeds all MR manufacturers’ attenuation specifications

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Manual MRI RF Door
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Features and Benefits:
  • RF door gasket seal – Acoustical Gasket Material resists oxidation and eliminates RF leakage
  • Maintenance – Gasket replacement and door maintenance is easily performed by the customer’s maintenance staff
  • Non-oxidizing – Higher sustained RF attenuation levels at the door
  • Acoustical properties – STC-rated for reduced MRI noise transmissions
  • Attenuation performance – Provides more than 100dB attenuation between 25 and 300 MHz
  • Long-term performance – Designed to withstand high traffic
  • Easy to use – Simply use the MRI door handle to easily open and close the door
  • Custom doors – Custom door and frame designs are available for higher frequency attenuation
  • Available in a variety of configurations – Includes right-handed or left-handed in-swing or out-swing
  • Customizable door finishes
  • Meets or exceeds all MR manufacturers’ attenuation specifications

See Technical Documents for more details

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What customers are saying

PDC has been great to work with, listening to ideas for improvement, and acting quickly to make them reality. Patients love the room, and even the technologists have commented on how much more relaxed they are at work. The room seems to draw the stress out; a sensory anti-anxiety medication. I really appreciate all you guys do to work with us. You are truly the definition of customer service.

-Gregg Stout

Former Imaging Systems Manager, Intermountain Healthcare Southwest Region
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