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December 20, 2022

Employee Spotlight: Meet Dave!


Meet Dave

He’s been a staple of PDC since most of us can remember – employing his organizational, people and architectural skills to manage Caring Suite™ projects from inception to completion, beautifying his space with impressive fresh-cut flowers from his garden and cheering our team with delicious home-made treats, stories of adventures abroad and his seemingly perpetual good spirits. Meet Dave, our fantastic Project Manager, who is celebrating his final days at PDC before a much-deserved retirement!

Below, learn more about Dave from those who work with him most!

According to Greg Zak, Architectural Designer, “Dave is always dedicated to helping PDC’s growth as a company and a family atmosphere. His devotion to customer service taught me that the key to Project Management is a “HAPPY” customer. PDC will miss his leadership moving forward…enjoy your retirement, travel the world and send us post cards!”

And according to Mike Slemin, Project Manager, “Dave has been a valued member of our team for many years. He is hard-working and detail-oriented. He is always willing to take the hard calls from customers. We have worked together on many projects, and he is always willing to go the extra mile to complete the project. He will be missed.”

And last, but not least, according to Jim Maslowski, PDC President, “I would need help from the Count on Sesame Street to tally-up all of the years of service Dave has contributed to PDC. It’s going to take a few people to fill the shoes left behind by Dave Knuth. We’ll need an accomplished baker to surprise us with homemade delicacies from the oven. A rosarian to nurture back-yard blossoms and bring fresh summer scents to soften the workplace. An amateur ornithologist to monitor and fill the birdfeeders. And a project manager with the patience of Job and reliability of Old Faithful. Most importantly, we’ll need a good friend. Dave’s retirement from the company will not leave a hole to fill, but an example to follow. We wish him well as he plans his adventures in Europe, and thank him for his collaboration and friendship here at work.”

Now, on to a few more fun facts about Dave!

I am most comfortable when…

“…I’m out exploring. That could be hiking in the woods on a trail, or walking about a neighborhood or traveling.”

In non-pandemic times, I never leave home without…

“…my keys and my wallet. If I have those things, I am ready to go.”

The last book I read was…

“…Frederick the Great. A friend gave it to me when I had Covid, and I’ve read it in small installments – it’s husky and not quite a page-turner. I’ve been to some of the locations it talks about and like being able to picture how things might have looked then.”

When I was little, I wanted to be…

“…an architect.”

The last show I binged was…

“…The Doctor Blake Mysteries

My favorite quote is…

“…’Be here now.’ It is from a past language professor. At that time, it had to do with classes, and it was what he told students who were struggling to concentrate because of other issues in their life. The idea being that you couldn’t do anything about the other problem during his class period (this was pre-cell phones) so put that aside, and apply yourself to the task at hand.” 

Tell us something about yourself that would surprise us:

“I was accepted into culinary school, but decided I really did not want to spend my evenings and weekends working.”

Best vacation?

“Any of them. I’ve not had a bad one. The longest lasted 7 weeks, and at the time I was between jobs and my companions were just out of college, so we were all on tight budgets, but still got to see a lot of western Europe from England to Greece. My most adventurous was probably renting a car and exploring Turkey for two weeks.”

What do you like to do when you’re not working?

“I enjoy hiking, camping, cooking, baking, gardening and travel.”

What is one food you can’t resist?

“Pretty much anything that tastes good, and that covers a lot.”

Thank you for sharing, Dave, and all that you have brought to PDC over these last 12ish years! You certainly will be missed, but we wish you days filled of exploring, beauty, adventures and delicious food ahead!

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