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August 17, 2023

Employee Spotlight: Meet Dan O'Neill!


Meet Dan O’Neill

He’s been to more Caring Suite™ sites than anyone on our team – in the U.S., abroad – during Covid and non-Covid times, often back-to-back and often with little notice and no complaints. He’s worked long days and longer nights to ensure the Caring Suite is installed perfectly for the customer, and yet still goes above and beyond to ensure the customer and our PDC team is best supported – helping to train, leaving notes for other installers, taking fabulous photos and even more fabulous notes. His effort earns praise from fellow installers, directors and his PDC colleagues. And even though he seems to be endlessly traveling and commissioning – he’s always one of the first to respond to questions about a site.

We could go on… meet our fantastic Lead Field Service Technician Dan O’Neill!

Below, learn more about Dan from those who work with him most!

According to Shenelle Jardine, Service and Production Manager, “An unsung hero. If I had to describe Dan O’Neill in one phrase, that’s exactly what it would be. He travels the world installing and repairing our systems – sometimes on a moment’s notice. Just ask him how many times he has traveled around the earth in terms of mileage in a year! He walks onto sites, sometimes not even knowing exactly what to expect, with a smile on his face and ready to help. His ability to go from site to site, knowing the various products, troubleshooting issues, implementing solutions, training customers, and going right to the next site to do it all over again is remarkable. It’s not surprising that we even hear feedback from customers telling us how great he is. We really are lucky to have him!

According to Ryan Kohnke, Service Coordinator / Lead Technician, “Dan is one of the most dedicated employees at PDC. Dan and I came into PDC around the same time and have grown into our roles respectively. Dan is a perfectionist, so I know when Dan is sent to a site, the job will get done correctly and to fit what’s best for the customer’s needs. Over the years, I have received many phone calls and emails from our customers specifically talking about how professional and helpful Dan was in achieving a solution that was right for them. Dan is a true professional and owns his role. Dan and I both served our country, and this has connected us in many ways. Beyond that, I’m proud to call Dan not only a very valued member of our team, but also a friend.”

Last, but not least, according to Blayne Seidl, Chief Sales Officer, “Dan is a valuable part of the PDC team. He travels to all our customers to ensure successful installations and makes sure our customers are happy. He has a “can do” attitude and very refreshing that “not in my job description” is not in his vocabulary. Dan has great communication and amazing knowledge of PDC products. Very deserving of the PDC Employee Spotlight, Dan actually helps keep PDC in the spotlight!”

Now, on to a few more fun facts about Dan!

Tell us something about yourself that would surprise us…

“I was born in Amman, Jordan. My father was a defense contractor working for the Kingdom at the time.”

My favorite thing about working at PDC is…

“By far, it’s that I have the opportunity to see our product in a real world environment. Being able to see the difference our product makes, especially in pediatrics and at Children’s Hospitals.”

What do you like to do when you’re not working?

“Spend time with my dog Maddy”

What is one food you can’t resist?

“Deviled Eggs”

What is a favorite or proudest accomplishment?

“Sending my son Damian to college. There was a time when I never saw that being an option. He alone, is my proudest accomplishment with all he’s been through.”

What do you like most about your job?

“Number 1, the small, family feel of PDC. Next, would be the opportunity to see different locations around the country, but also the feeling of solving a customer’s problems, or giving the best version of our product as I can.”

What made you choose your current career?

“I was an RF Technician in the Marines Corps. From there, I was an Electrical Technician for Phillips, working on Ultrasounds. Next, I was Field Technician working on Explosive Detection X-ray systems at airports and then went into the medical field as a certified Radiological Service Engineer working on different X-ray systems across New England. Once I moved to Wisconsin, PDC found me, and I haven’t looked back. Although I don’t work on the actual medical imaging devices nowadays, I still get to work around them.”

Thank you for sharing, Dan, and for all you bring to PDC and to our customers. We are grateful to have you on our team!

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