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Ryan Kohnke

Service Department Lead

Meet Ryan

Ryan may be one of the most well-known, patient, friendly and hard-working PDC team members – who can be found at nearly all times of day, patiently and skillfully helping customers – and colleagues alike! solve their problems. Meet. Ryan Kohnke, our fantastic Service Department Lead!

According to Shenelle, our Service and Production Manager, “Ryan IS PDC Technical Support / customer service. He is the person people ask for by name. He not only addresses issues, but listens to the customer to find the best solution that works specifically for them. He is an advocate for our customers, and he is a go-getter. He spearheads continued improvement, always pushing us to find better and more ways to keep our customers happy.”

Ryan, your product knowledge, troubleshooting skills, commitment to best help our customers and encouraging and friendly demeanor, make you an invaluable member of our PDC Team.

Now, on to a few (more) fun facts about Ryan!

1. The last show I binged was… 

Ozark. Good show and this season is way better than the last.

2. Do you have a favorite quote?

Not a quote but a definition. Malarkey – exaggerated talk usually intended to deceive. But if I had to pick a quote it would be…

“When you reach the end of your rope, tie a knot in it and hang on.” – Franklin D. Roosevelt

3. My favorite thing about working at PDC is …

Change. The tech changes, our processes change, and issues change. I enjoy working under pressure and the challenge it brings. Being a fixer is what I’m best at. I’m that person at work and with my family. Keeping things fresh and new at work is great, and I love being the person people can depend on.

4. What do you like to do when you’re not working?

When I’m not working, I enjoy spending time with my kids, my nieces and nephews and their friends. We are always out doing something — fishing, skating, hiking, trying new places. I usually end up with a car full of kids taking them places to enjoy new experiences or old ones we love to do. Personally, I love to fish, and I’m always trying to learn something new.

5. What is one food you can’t resist?

Sushi or Pho

6. If you could have one superpower what would it be?

I would probably want the power to bend reality at my will. With this power usually comes intelligence, and I want to know everything. The past and where we come from, and perspective on reality and how we understand it are two subjects I love to read about or listen to podcasts about. So, with this power, I can have the answers to those questions of where we came from and why we are here.

7. What is a favorite memory at PDC?

One of my best memories at PDC is when I worked in production. Back then, it was myself, Doug B., Doug L., Bruce and Joey would come down from the office to play. On Friday after we cleaned up, we would take two of the trash cans and set them about 10-15 feet apart. Doug L., had a small foam basketball. We would use that ball to play a game tournament style and bet 1 dollar. A friendly wager we seen as not an issue. So we would all goof around and play this game to see who won. It was a good way for me to connect as a new employee.

8. What is a favorite or proudest accomplishment?

My proudest accomplishment is my military service. I spent 8 years in the WI Army National Guard. I ended my contract as a sergeant E-5 working as a squad leader. I deployed to Egypt in 2007 for Operation Bright Star, deployed to Iraq in 2009 for Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom. I worked as a recruiter for a year before I left for Iraq enlisting 2 female soldiers and teaching many others before they left for basic training. In Iraq, I was pictured in a magazine receiving a coin from General Quantoc for our efforts in moving almost 3,000 Iraqi prisoners over an 11-day period after they took over a prison in Baghdad. I was proud to be picked to receive this honor. I left my service with 3 Army Achievement metals and 1 Army Commendation metal. I was also deployed in WI in 2007 when the state had major flooding to protect a town that had been badly damaged and evacuated. I love training others. I was seen as a “soldiers NCO,” meaning, I didn’t use my rank to mess with the soldiers, but to teach them. I never asked anyone to do anything I couldn’t do myself. My service to the state and our country is something I’m very proud of.

9. What do you like most about your job?

That it brings new challenges every day. The fact that this role didn’t exist when I was first hired. I pushed my way into this role, and Shenelle and I have created this department from the ground up. I have a lot of pride in what we have done to improve our customer experience while saving the company money and creating new revenue streams. I, with the help of others, have created upgrade possibilities where there were none, to upgrade old systems to our newest technology.

10. What made you choose your current career?

I wanted to prove I could do more, and I did.

Service Department Lead


Fun Facts
  • The last show Ryan binged was Ozark
  • Ryan's favorite food is Sushi or Pho
  • Ryan's favorite part about working at PDC is CHANGE
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