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Jessica Maslowski

Product Applications and Marketing

Meet Jessica Maslowski

Jessica came to PDC in January 2011, with the expectation of using her journalism degree to help with quality, this new social media – and to help PDC in any way she felt she could – which created waves at times. Little did she know that she would help create the first iteration of the Caring MR Suite® App and spend the next 10ish years traveling the country to train the most caring radiology teams on how to use their new Caring Suites. Meet Jessica, our Product Trainer and Marketing Assistant!

For Jessica, it’s been an honor and privilege to meet so many hardworking healthcare workers – who show up daily – pandemic or no pandemic to fill a vital role in healthcare, and in such a caring way.

She also feels privileged to work with a small, talented, caring and hardworking team – and one that does big things, while putting people first.

Contact Jessica for any training, marketing or customer support needs, and connect with her on LinkedIn!

Product Applications and Marketing


Fun Facts
  • Jessica has her own song called "My Venezuelan" on Spotify
  • Jessica moonlights as a yoga teacher
  • Jessica can talk about her cats for hours
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