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April 27, 2020

Caring Suite™ Moment for More Joy, Less Stress


How to create a Caring Suite™ Moment at anytime by meaningfully engaging your senses for a bit more calm, peace, joy – or for anything you need more of this moment:

1) Sight: Imagine your most calming nature spot. Now find it – or a new favorite here.  Or, simply close your eyes & let your imagination take you there.

2) What lighting would put you most at ease? Adjust the lights and or any window coverings to your preference. *Bonus: If you have colored lights, put those to good use with a favorite color!

3) Sound: What kind of music are you feeling at the moment? If watching a Caring Suite Theme, take in the theme spa music for a few beats. If you prefer different music, what music or song would bring you the most comfort, joy or what you need most this moment? Find it on your phone or computer. *Bonus points for singing along.

4) Smell: Add a favorite, calming or fresh aroma to your space via a diffuser, spray, perfume – a favorite plant, cracked windows – even breathing in a favorite food! Don’t be afraid to get creative!

5) Touch: How could you be more comfortable this moment? Perhaps adjusting your posture, adding a pillow? Finding a full body scan to help release areas of tension? Perhaps even turning on a fan or opening windows for a little airflow.

6) Taste: Choose a favorite snack or beverage, & simply take a few moments to savor the deliciousness.

5) Presence: Breathe deeply. Take in your chosen sensory experience. Bring to mind 3 little things you are grateful for. Simply notice, without judgment, how you are feeling.

6) Share your favorite #CaringSuiteMoment with us on LinkedIn and Instagram – and find more of our favorite tips to boost happiness and reduce stress here with our #CMRSHappinessTips!

We hope your Caring Suite Moment brings you more much deserved joy and comfort any time needed.

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