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April 6, 2020

Caring MR Suite #HappinessTips for #Covid19 Times


Quick, easy ways to alleviate (MRI) anxiety & boost happiness

Working in MRI and healthcare has always been challenging and inspiring – but rarely more so than now.

Initially inspired by the psychology behind the Caring MR Suite, we created “Caring MR Suite #HappinessTips”: quick, easy ways to reduce anxiety and boost joy and connection.

Our goal: to alleviate stress MRI patients and caregivers often experience – and bring more joy and connection to all hardworking caregivers, our teams and communities.

Now more than ever, we wish to spread more joy, help lessen anxieties and play our role too.

But, joy, in these challenging, heartbreaking times, you may ask?

Yes, joy. Not simply because it makes us feel good – but because it makes our brains work better too – up to 30% better.(Just ask these doctors, whose diagnoses were speedier, after being gifted a bag of candy.) And we could all use a little more feel-good emotions and brain power to tackle these challenges together and boost our spirits.

With this being said, we are re-launching our Caring MR Suite #HappinessTips (#CMRSHappinessTips) with #inthistogether.

We hope these favorite tips below & those to come will help bring more positivity, gratitude, more joy & connection during these difficult times. We hope you share your tips too!

  1. Even “Homely Trees” shown to boost happiness. But may we recommend a tropical escape instead?
  2. 5 Ways to Boost Happiness in Just 15 Minutes – and a funny, entertaining TED Talk to boot.
  3. Just 2 minutes of positive distraction is all you need to take your mind from a negative state, to a positive state.
  4. Did you know a focused mind is a happier one?
  5. How these tips create magic in the Caring MR Suite

To all those on the frontlines and supporting lines – from healthcare workers to grocery & delivery  workers – we are so grateful for, inspired by and appreciative of all you do, and will continue to strive to play our role too.

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