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December 9, 2021

UV-C Imaging Technology Delivers Enhanced Protection


Nor-Lea Hospital District is delivering enhanced infection protection and peace of mind with one of the first installations of PDC’s UV-C LED Bore Disinfection System (UV-C System). PDC’s UV-C System delivers the cleanest and safest imaging experience available to patients.

Just 5 minutes for full disinfection

In just 5 minutes, PDC’s unique UV-C LED technology verifiably kills 99.9% of all pathogens – including the coronavirus – and is specifically designed to disinfect hard-to-clean imaging bores and imaging patient tables. Applicable modalities include: MRI, PET/MR, CT, PET, PET/CT, MR-guided Linac, Nuc Med and any other imaging bore (60-80 cm) and imaging table (200 cm or less).

Eliminating disinfection uncertainty

Traditionally, imaging bores and tables have been difficult to clean and to assure disinfection between patients. This is largely due to large bores, crevices in equipment and wait times for sanitization. Studies have also shown sub-par cleaning protocols and the survival of bacteria on dry surfaces for months, respiratory viruses for days and gastrointestinal viruses for more than a week.   Meanwhile, environmental contamination has been shown to contribute to hospital-acquired infections (HAIs) from MRSA, VRE, C. difficile, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Acinetobacter species and Norovirus.  This drove PDC to design a better system to disinfect imaging equipment.

First-of-its-kind system for imaging

PDC’s first-of-its-kind system generates UV-C light energy across the Germicidal Spectrum, 260nm to 300nm. According to Jim Maslowski, PDC Co-Founder and President, “By pairing required manual cleaning with our UV-C System, technologists can minimize uncertainty, harsh chemicals, wait times and hard-to-clean areas associated with conventional disinfectants,” Maslowski said.  And for patients and caregivers, this means they can rest assured that their imaging equipment has been fully disinfected.

Enhanced protection and peace-of-mind

According to Nor-Lea’s Radiology Manager Alyssa Byrd, the addition of the UV-C System enables her team to provide their patients with the utmost level of protection and peace of mind. “The UV-C system has benefited the team and patients in multiple ways,” said Alyssa.  “Our team is able to thoroughly clean our imaging room after scanning Covid-positive patients. Our team wants to make sure we are cleaning the imaging room the very best we can to reduce the risk of transmitting Covid. Our patients can take comfort in knowing that we are disinfecting and cleaning every part of the machine. I know patients are nervous to enter a hospital setting with the Covid pandemic going on. This extra level of disinfection helps ease their mind that we are working to protect them.”

Easy to use, easy to move

But how easy is it to use, given the already demanding imaging work schedules? According to Alyssa, very easy. “The system is very easy to move around and operate. It can be set up and taken down quickly. The unit is light-weight making moving it from room to room easy,” said Alyssa.

PDC’s UV-C System is the first and currently only system specifically designed to disinfect imaging bores and tables, and Nor-Lea is one of the first to deploy this technology. See the UV-C System in action here.

Plus a Caring MR Suite® for reduced anxiety,
improved patient experience

Nor-Lea also offers PDC’s Caring MR Suite® to help alleviate patient anxiety, reduce claustrophobia and sedation and improve the patient MRI experience. Nor-Lea’s Caring MR Suite enables patients to choose a favorite original Nature Theme video or DVD, ambient lighting and music to enjoy during their scan for their best MRI experience.

Learn more about the UV-C LED Bore Disinfection System here, and find the full Q&A with Nor-Lea here!

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