For some at PDC, she may be most well-known for coming to the rescue with up-to-date technical documents and spearheading the UV-C LED Bore Disinfection System’s monumental and triumphant journey to ETL Listing – but she does so much more behind-the-scenes to ensure a safe workplace and to ensure our products are safe, designed optimally and in compliance.

Meet Alyssa – our fantastic Compliance Manager! To shed more light on Alyssa’s important role, we consulted the heads of our engineering department.

According to Chief Engineer Matt, “Alyssa coordinates our product safety and testing at ETL facilities and offers design guidance for all PDC product as it goes through development and product improvement. She is responsible for keeping PDC’s production and facility within guidelines, regulations, and ethical expectations set out under our product listing and contractual obligations. In addition, Alyssa handles all quarterly external audits of our listed products, PDC’s international product technical files, etc.”

Furthermore, according to Matt, “Alyssa is always willing to go the extra mile (hours) to understand existing, updated, or new safety standards and offer design guidance to make a safer and more reliable product.  She is always willing to lend a helping hand with anything, and we trust her opinion.”

Plus, according to Engineering Manager Jon, “Alyssa is an integral part of PDC. She helps keep new projects on track and with accordance to our regulatory guidelines. She always keeps the team informed whenever there are standard updates and what we need to do to maintain our certifications on existing products. In addition to compliance, she also helps create our product specification and install sheets for our customers.”

Engineering also always knows when Alyssa is in the office, because the ETL auditor’s car is in the PDC parking lot!

Thank you, Alyssa, for all of your hard work to help ensure a safe workplace, and to ensure we deliver safe, effective, reliable products to our customers – along with the technical info they need!

Now, on to a few more fun facts about Alyssa!

1. The last book I read was

“Green River, Running Red” by Ann Rule

2. When I was little, I wanted to be …

A veterinarian

3. What do you like to do when you’re not working?

Run / exercise and play outside with my kids Jacob, Darcy, AJ and Cody and our dog Frank

4. The last show I binged was …


5. What is a favorite memory at PDC?

The first RSNA show I got to be a part of

Thank you for sharing, Alyssa! See our Project Manager Mike’s spotlight here, and stay tuned for more Employee Spotlights!