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MRI In-Bore Viewing Video Display - Wireless Version

Your new Wireless MRI In-Bore Viewing Video Display

Thank you for choosing PDC and the Wireless MRI In-Bore Viewing Video Display (Wireless Video Display) to help improve your patient care and experience.

For users: please find user details below, and contact Jessica with any questions and or additional training needs.

For marketers: please find more info, photos and videos here to help make the most of your new Wireless Video Display and please contact Jessica for any ways we can help.

We hope your patients and team enjoy and benefit from your new Wireless Video Display.

Wireless MRI In-Bore Viewing Video Display
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To Power the Wireless Video Display On and Off:
  • Press the power button on top of  Wireless Video Display to power on and off
  • Power button illuminates when powered on 
  • Power off and charging recommended nightly
Wireless Video Display Positioning:
  • When possible, keep Wireless Video Display at least 3 feet from magnet
  • For in-bore viewing, position Wireless Video Display behind magnet bore, at least 3 feet from bore
  • To adjust the height of Wireless Video Display, turn the black lever on the stand, closest to display, to the noted unlocked position, adjust height, and return lever to locked position
  • Lock wheels in place by pressing down on wheel levers. Lift levers up to unlock
To Charge Wireless Video Display:
  • If Wireless Video Display comes with a separate battery charger: Plug charging cable into top of Wireless Video Display until it clicks, and plug the other end of the charging cable into Wireless Video Display wall outlet
  • If your Wireless Video Display does not have a separate battery charger: simply plug into the wall outlet
  • With Wireless Video Display powered off, a full charge takes about 8 hrs
  • Charging nightly recommended, with Wireless Video Display powered off
  • Charging can take place during an MRI scan
  • See indicators below for charge status
Wireless Video Display LED Indicators:
  • 3 Lit Green LEDs = Fully charged & charger is connected
  • 2 Lit Green LEDs = Fully charged & charger is disconnected.~12 hrs battery life
  • 1 Lit Green LED = Half charge. Approximately 6 hours of battery life remains.
  • 1 Lit Red LED = Battery is depleted and requires recharge. Wireless Video Display will power off when battery reaches this point
For Battery Charger that is separate from the Wireless Video Display:
  • For MRI, located in equipment room. For other modalities, can be placed anywhere
  • When Wireless Video Display is connected to charger, charger will light up Red to indicate charging
  • Ensure charger is set to 10A charge rate
  • If Wireless Video Display says, “Waiting to Connect,” move it away from magnet and power off and on the Wireless Video Display using the Wireless Video Display power button
  • If Wireless Video Display says, “No input,” check to ensure video content is selected, and if applicable, playing
  • If there is no video: 1) Ensure a Theme is selected or video is playing on your source 2) Ensure Wireless Display is powered on and charged or charging 3) Move Wireless Display more than 4 feet from magnet. Power off Wireless Display using Display button, wait 30 seconds, & power display back on 4) If applicable, check to ensure the HDMI connections between the Transmitter on the window ledge & your video source are secure
Features and Benefits:
Printable Cheat Sheet:
  • Find a downloadable cheat sheets within the Technical Documents tab above
TRAINING - Wireless In-Bore Viewing Video Display - Onboard Battery
Wireless MRI In-Bore Viewing Video Display Training
TRAINING - Wireless In-Bore Viewing Video Display - Separate Battery
Wireless MRI In-Bore Viewing Video Display Training
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User Testimonials

“We love [our MRI In-Bore Viewing Video Display] and are having tons of positive feedback from patients. [In the first few weeks] we’ve had at least 4 patients with histories of incomplete exams due to anxiety come in and finish exams easily.”

-Nichol A. Hughes

Clinical Coordinator, Longstreet Clinic Radiology Services
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