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Essential Caring Suite™ App

Soothing Nature Themes - instantly at your fingertips

The Essential Caring Suite™ App

Thank you for choosing PDC  to help improve your patient care and experience.

We know you are busy, so our goal with the Essential Caring Suite™ App is to make delivering your patient’s best experience, quicker, easier and better. To that end, all of your suite features are a tap away.

Below, please find user and marketing resources to help make the most of your new Caring Suite.

For training and marketing needs – or other ways we can help, please contact Jessica.

The Essential Caring Suite™ App
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How to use the Essential Caring Suite™ App:
To Power On Tablet:
  • Locate and press power button, located behind the tablet screen on the right side. Green light will indicate it is powered on. No need to power off tablet
Waking Tablet:
  • Tablet will sleep if not used for a while. Tap to wake
Powering On System:
  • Tap to wake tablet if sleeping, tap Power icon at App bottom right, and tap “Power On Suite”
Patient Portal:
  • Tablet will launch into “Patient Portal” – the main view of the App. If not in this Portal, tap the 3-bar Menu icon at top left, and tap “Patient Portal”
Selecting Theme Video:
  • Tap a Theme image to start a Theme video on your Video Display
Theme Audio:
  • If Theme audio is integrated with speakers or headphones, use Volume Slider at App bottom center to adjust volume. Tap Speaker icon at bottom right to Mute and turn off Mute
To Edit / Limit # of Themes Shown:
  • Tap the 3-bar Menu icon in upper left
  • Tap “Technologist Portal
  • Tap Mountain icon in the upper right corner of Preferred Theme box
  •  Tap “Unlink Themes from Preferred List” & tap to remove any Themes you don’t want shown. Re-tap the “Unlink” button when complete
  • To add Themes, scroll to bottom of Themes, tap the “Add” option & tap any Theme with a red broken link to add back to your shown Themes. Tap Save icon at top when finished.
  • Tap Menu icon in upper left, & tap “Patient Portal” to return to your main view.
Troubleshooting – Lost Connection:
  • If Rack icon in upper right turns red, tap Power icon at bottom right & tap “Restart Tablet Toolkit” – or physically power off and power on tablet
Troubleshooting – Video:
  • Check to ensure display is on, all connections are secure and a Theme or video source is selected and or playing. If so, tap Power icon in bottom right and tap “Restart Server.” If applicable, power cycle Audio Video Control (AVC) computer by pressing the power button on the right side of box to power off and power back on
Troubleshooting – Wireless Display Video: 
For Users and Marketers:

Wireless MRI In-Bore Viewing Video Display Brochure
Essential Caring Suite™ App Training

I’m very claustrophobic, [but] the hot air balloons kept my mind off of being in there, and if I didn’t have them, I don’t think I could have done it …When I went home, I told my husband, “Guess what, I did the MRI!” …. I think if anyone is claustrophobic, it’s going to help them, 100%.


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