Patient Experience + User Testimonials

What people are saying
about PDC, UV-C + the Caring MR Suite.

“The PDC Monitor [for in-bore viewing] has been a huge benefit to our patients. The theme display helps reduce anxiety and lessens the feeling of being inside an enclosed tube. The M2 [treatment and simulation] displays allow our patients to be an active participant in their treatment and gives them the ability to self-gate during breath hold treatments.”

– Bryanna Ballard, Bass Medical Group Chief Radiation Therapist

“I think PDC is one of the best things to happen in MRI. It’s so easy to focus on the amazing technology that the MRI scanner provides and lose sight of where the value of our work should be placed, and that is the patient. PDC team: Thank you for reminding us all of who pays our bills and feeds our family by placing them at the center of your work!”

– Michael Cecil, Director of Advanced Imaging

“The UV-C System has benefited the team and patients in multiple ways. Our team is able to thoroughly clean our imaging room after scanning Covid-positive patients. Our team wants to make sure we are cleaning the imaging room the very best we can to reduce the risk of transmitting Covid. Our patients can take comfort in knowing that we are disinfecting and cleaning every part of the machine. I know patients are nervous to enter a hospital setting with the Covid pandemic going on. This extra level of disinfection helps ease their mind that we are working to protect them. The system is [also] very easy to move around and operate. It can be set up and taken down quickly. The unit is light weight making moving it from room to room easy.”

– Alyssa Byrd, Nor-Lea Hospital District Radiology Manager

“The PDC suite is a real hit! Our patients love the option of music and love the viewing display. We used to send away/reschedule an average 4-6 claustrophobic patients a week. In the month we have been live in our new unit we have only rescheduled one patient  to come back with medication. I believe the PDC suite is a big reason for that turnaround.”

– Jake Dumais – Franklin Community Health Network MRI Technologist

“We had one patient so impressed with (our Caring MR Suite) that she asked if she could get a massage, her hair done, and a manicure too! Another patient was like ‘Wow! I’m in heaven!’  This past weekend I had a non-English speaking patient who couldn’t tolerate the 1.5T that we have, so I tried (our new 3T Caring MR Suite) and she went from refusing MRI to smiling when she came out. It was great!”

– Sebie – Advocate Christ Medical Center Technologist

“We’ve installed the glass [MRI] doors with IV ports in P.E.I, Newfoundland, Quebec and Ontario and the results are great, users and patients really love these systems.

The user doesn’t feel like they’re walking into a bunker and the user has a much nicer space, and the IV in the door is a no brainer for the techs and nurses….it makes life that much simpler for them.

Kudos to your team for this outstanding design, we love it!”

–Toufic Abiad, President at SDI Canada & SDI Worldwide

“We had a guy the other day that had 4 failed MRI’s (one was even an open MRI) and he was able to do ours. We have not had a claustrophobia fail yet.”

– Trinity Flowers – Hillsboro Area Hospital Entrée Imaging Supervisor

“*Top quality products serving the MR community. Your revolutionary hybrid and confirming shielding solution is something you should post about. Install in half the time of traditional with better RF tolerances… Love your stuff and recommend it to every customer with excellent results.”

– Jeff Grieb, Region Modality Leader, MR – GE Healthcare *Note: Theses comments are Jeff’s opinion alone, and not an official endorsement from GE Healthcare.

“We are loving it. A wonderful piece of art and design for the kids. Not only are our patients enjoying the system, the employees are just happy to be working with happy children.”

– Boateng Ohene-Adjei – Morgan Stanley Children’s Hospital, MRI Supervisor

“Most patients enjoy using the iPad to create themes and color schemes for the suite. The use of their iPhones for music is by far the greatest thing some have experienced!”

– Yvette – CMC-Mercy MRI Secretary

“We’ve seen the calming effects of the Caring MR Suite first hand.  We witnessed a severely claustrophobic patient receive her MRI and then walk directly down to customer service and state that this was the best thing that Meadville Medical Center hospital has ever purchased.”

– Terry Beck – Meadville Medical Center, Radiology Manager

“Rodney Gebert and those from his [PDC MRI Shielding] team provided outstanding care to ensure the MRI for the Department of Radiation Oncology Project at the University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics was able to stay on schedule through difficult existing conditions in large part to the efforts of PDC. PDC provided the thorough level of care that went beyond the typical standards of means and secured a successful installation of the MRI Machine.”

– RDG Employee

“As always, PDC is offering a quality product that meets the clinical needs and in respect with the patient experience. [The All Glass MRI Door with Privacy Option is an] Amazing solution !”

– Jean Michel (JM) Paré, Director of Business Development & Marketing at SDI Canada

“We are looking to improve the MRI environment, making it less clinical and more inviting, thereby reducing our claustrophobic and high anxiety patient’s fears. PDC has the perfect combination of lights, sounds and imagery. The Caring Suite has been a great improvement over our previous sterile, unfriendly room.

PDC has been great to work with, listening to ideas for improvement, and acting quickly to make them reality. Patients love the room, and even the technologists have commented on how much more relaxed they are at work. The room seems to draw the stress out; a sensory anti-anxiety medication.”

“The suite and goggles are great. I had a great experience with a claustrophobic inpatient the last time I was on call. She was adamant that she was not going be able to have her MRI. I place the goggles on her, and let her get absorbed into a video for a moment, and then placed her inside the scanner. She had no idea she was in the magnet. She was amazed that she had her MRI, and didn’t know she was inside.

I really appreciate all you guys do to work with us. You are truly the definition of customer service.”

– Gregg Stout – Dixie Regional Medical Center, Imaging Systems Manager, Southwest Region

“We are loving the suite, as well as the patients.  Nothing but compliments, patients are more comfortable and relaxed during their scan.”

– Ochsner St. Anne Caring MR Suite Cassette MRI Supervisor

“Patients love the caring suite.  One patient said, “ Wow, this is the most spa like MRI I have ever had.”

– Beth Lavilla – Sutter Pacific Medical Foundation, Lead MRI Technologist

“We have had such positive responses to the Caring Suite!  The majority of our patients comment that it is a beautiful room and it doesn’t feel “hospital like”, but in fact it’s more like a spa environment. The videos are a big hit and many people say that they wish the videos could be viewed inside the scanner…maybe sometime in the future?!?

We have had many repeat patients who have told us they choose to come to our facility because it’s so beautiful and they feel more at ease and comfortable in our MRI! Everything is going well as our volume is growing.”

– Cindy De Gregorio, UPMC Spine Center MRI Superivsor

“Everything has been wonderful. And as always anyone you guys send out to work with us is the most professional and knowledgeable. It’s a pleasure working with them, we hate to see them go.  The patients love the suite,  but to be honest, we still have not used it to its potential. I am making some changes so very shortly we will be able to go nutty with it.”

– St. Charles Orthopedics Radiology Administrator

“We love [our MRI Portable Video Display] and are having tons of positive feedback from patients.  We’ve had at least 4 patients with histories of incomplete exams due to anxiety come in and finish exams easily.”

– Nichol A. Hughes, Longstreet Clinic Radiology Services Clinical Coordinator

“The [Caring MR Suite] is sweet (bad pun). PDC has made our MRI the jewel of the hospital. Patients seem pleased and comfortable; it helps with the calming and inviting feeling we try to provide.”

– Stanford Firth, MountainStar Lakeview Hospital Lead MRI Technologist

“The [PDC Portable Video Display (PVD) with Mirror Glasses] have been a huge help with the claustrophobic patients who enter the scanner head first! I use them all the time and they provide a positive experience for our patients.

I’ve had claustrophobic patients who’ve told me that the glasses [with PVD] made the difference to enable them to complete the study. I would say it’s helped at least two dozen [patients].”

– Cindy De Gregorio, UPMC Passavant/McCandless/Cranberry/Wexford Spine Center

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