What’s the Best Patient Experience Worth?

An improved bottom line

Recent Deloitte Center for Health Solutions research found that hospitals with higher patient experience scores are generally more profitable than those with lower scores.* Caregivers today are challenged with balancing patient clinical needs with their expectations as health care consumers. We understand. Since we built our first MRI suite in 1982, PDC has focused on helping health care providers improve the quality of the MRI suite and experience.

Today, our focus on continual innovation has led to the development of innovative solutions to improve both patient care and your bottom line through:

  • Reduced anxiety, claustrophobia, patient motion and re-scans
  • Improved workflow and patient and caregiver experience
  • Fewer sedation and anesthesia cases
  • Increased patient referrals

See how our Caring MR Suite® helps reduce anesthesia by nearly 60% – with a payback period of less than 2 years – just to start.

Learn how PDC can help your patients, your staff and your bottom line

    Featuring our Latest Patient Experience Solutions

    MR Portable Video Display – Now Wireless!

    Our new Wireless Portable Video Display (WPVD) brings you all of the benefits of our in-bore viewing system, with a quick and easy install. Return to scanning in minutes, and begin achieving benefits of reduced sedation, anesthesia, improved patient experience  – and payback in as little as 12 months. Contact PDC above for full details, and explore more solutions here.

    New! Perfect Sky for Any Space

    Your best patient experience is no longer reserved for MRI. Perfect Sky combines 360 degrees of your patient’s favorite color with your choice LED backlit Perfect Sky Image Ceiling. Add Perfect Sky to any non-MR space to instantly bring the soothing qualities of nature, patient control and personalization to every patient. Contact PDC above for full details and explore more solutions here.

    Your Best In-Bore Experience – Even Better!

    Custom Scrolling Text and Countdown Timers keep patients informed and encouraged. Picture-in-Picture (PiP) enhances patient comfort and safety, and a new App and new 4K Nature Themes is just the icing on the cake. Contact PDC above for full details and explore more solutions here.

    Full-Length Privacy Switch Glass RF Door

    Your best MRI door is now even better with Privacy Glass. Effortlessly and beautifully toggle between clear and opaque with a tap or switch flip for improved patient privacy, experience and safety. Effortless open/close, IV Waveguide and superior attenuation seal the deal. See it in action here, contact PDC above for full details and explore more solutions here.

    See how our Caring MR Suite helped one hospital reduce escape rate by 85%, anesthesia cases by nearly 60% – with a payback period of less than 2 years.

    “The Caring MR Suite is for the benefit of the patient ... if it makes the environment & the procedure turn out better ... then it is worth it, every penny.”

    Wayne HarrisRadiology Director, JRMC
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