The Caring MR Suite

Patient Centric Care - From the moment patients enter a Caring MR Suite, they are enveloped in a calming environment of their choice to help minimize anxiety and increase their sense of control.

Control & Flexibility - Before entering the suite, patients are able to personalize the suite’s lighting, music, images and video – with just a couple taps of the iPad. PDC provides a wide variety of pre-programmed nature & children’s themes and the option to easily create and program custom content.

Visual Therapy – Image panels on the walls and ceiling help transport the patient away from the confining space in the magnet bore. The ceiling image panel displays image slideshows or video of the patient’s choice. Themes feature unique nature videography developed soley for the Caring MR Suite.

Personal - Patients can bring in their own music, photo slideshows, podcasts or video on an iPhone, iPad or iPod* to enjoy during their scan in the ambient lighting or theme environment of their choice.

Functional - With a tap of the iPad, the suite has brilliant white LED lights and directional fixtures over the patient table for superior lighting during physician procedures. Another tap and the suite reverts to the patient’s selections. Tap to open the suite’s door. Tap to power on or off the system.

Custom Designed - Caring MR Suite shielded enclosures and the Experience Cassette can be custom-designed to meet your specific needs, with as many or as few of the Caring MR elements as desired.

See the Caring MR Suite Videos download the Caring MR Suite Brochure, read about Caring MR Suites In the News or Contact David Knuth to learn more.

*Contact PDC regarding compatible devices